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Basic Piercing Titanium Labret Jewelry

Basic Piercing Titanium Labret Jewelry - All of the titanium labret studs in our Basic Piercing Jewelry collection are made from Grade 23 (implant grade) titanium. They're also internally threaded to reduce trauma to a new piercing when one of these titanium labret studs is inserted. Our basic piercing titanium labret studs make ideal starter jewelry for these reasons, as well as because of the fact that titanium is one of the most inert metals and therefore unlikely to cause an allergic reaction in someone with sensitive skin. Plus, these labret studs can be worn in a wide variety of piercings ranging from ear cartilage piercings to nostril piercings to lip piercings and beyond. Shop for basic piercing titanium labret jewelry in a range of gauges, post lengths and styles to ensure that you have the perfect-sized labret stud on hand for any piercing you need to do.