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Captive Bead Rings

Captive Bead Rings - Captive rings include several different styles of rings, and we have them all! Choose from traditional captive bead rings (also known as CBRs or BCRs, for ball closure rings), segment rings, seamless rings, D-rings, and screw-on ball rings. With our traditional captive bead rings, a ball or other removable decorative piece, like a skull or jeweled disc, is held in place by the tension of the ring around it. Seamless rings have a fine gap that you can widen to insert or remove the jewelry simply by gently bending the ring. Segment rings have either a removable segment or a hinged segment that clicks into place so you can insert and remove the jewelry. No matter which of these captive ring styles you choose, you'll find that they make ideal jewelry for ear piercings of all varieties, nostril piercings, septum piercings, lip piercings, nipple piercings, belly button piercings, and more.

If desired, we can send you the captive rings you order sterilized and ready to wear. Simply add one of our "Sterilize My Jewelry" options to cart for each captive ring or captive bead you purchase, and we'll autoclave your jewelry for you and send it to you in sealed bags.

Note: Smaller gauge captive bead rings can be opened and closed by hand, but heavier gauge rings usually require ring opening pliers and ring closing pliers to manipulate.

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