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Unique Captive Rings

Unique Captive Rings - We offer an assortment of unique captive rings and unusual replacement captive beads that are sure to make a special addition to your body jewelry collection. Choose from captive bead rings in unique shapes, custom-made captive rings that you can further customize by adding your favorite dermal tops, unique captive rings made of flexible niobium and other quality materials, captive bead rings with cool charms dangling from them, and many other unique captive bead rings, seamless rings and segment rings. Wear our unique captive rings as earrings, lip rings, cartilage rings, nipple rings, and more.

Whichever unique captive rings you choose, we can send them to you sterilized and ready to wear if you'd like. Just add one of our "Sterilize My Jewelry" options to cart for each unique captive bead ring you order, and we'll autoclave your jewelry and ship it to you in sealed bags.