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Custom Pendants

Custom Pendants - Our Limitless custom pendants allow you to incorporate your favorite designs into wearable artwork. Simply pick a style, like our die-cut wooden pendants or our tunnel pendants, choose the type of wood you'd like us to use, select either a white or black leather necklace to go with your pendant, and then send us an image to use to create your custom pendant for you. We can work with all forms of digital graphics, from photos to outline images. You can also choose an image from our extensive library, if desired. If you do send us your own artwork to create a custom pendant for you, our artists will review it and make any adjustments necessary to ensure that your custom pendant looks stunning when it's complete.

If you're looking for a unique, affordable gift to give loved ones during the holidays or for birthdays, our custom pendants make really amazing gifts for others, too. Use an image that's special to the person who will receive the pendant, and they'll treasure it for a lifetime. Even those who don't wear necklaces can enjoy our custom pendants, because they also make great ornaments. Our die-cut wooden pendants in particular make especially fun, personalized Christmas tree ornaments.