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Other Threadless Labret Jewelry

Other Threadless Labret Jewelry - In addition to our Pop Fit and BioPlastic labret jewelry, we offer several other styles of threadless labret jewelry. Choose from glass plugs for stretched lip piercings, labret pinchers, fishtail labret jewelry, and a variety of labret piercing retainers. Most of our other threadless labret jewelry can be held in place with a simple, comfortable O-ring. To make your threadless labret jewelry even more comfortable, wear one of our clear silicone discs on the inside of your lip or cheek piercing or behind your cartilage ear piercing, adding a soft barrier between the back of your labret jewelry and your skin.

If desired, we can autoclave your threadless labret jewelry for you before shipping it to you. If you'd like your jewelry to be sterilized and ready to wear when you receive it, simply add one of our "Sterilize My Jewelry" options to cart for each piece of threadless labret jewelry you purchase.