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Custom Plugs & Tunnels

Limitless Custom Plugs & Tunnels - Looking for totally unique plugs or tunnels to wear in your own piercings or to give as a gift? Our Limitless collection includes a variety of acrylic, stainless steel and wood plugs and tunnels that we can customize for you with your own artwork or graphics from our library. Every aspect of our custom plugs and tunnels can be modified to suit you perfectly, from the gauge to the design featured on them. If you opt for our photo plugs, we can put any photo or color graphic of your choice in them for you. With our custom wood plugs and tunnels, we'll laser etch the design you send us right onto the wooden inserts or solid wood plugs you choose. If you really love this idea and want to show off more of your own design ideas, just buy extra photo inserts or wooden inserts and swap designs in and out of our stainless steel tunnels as desired. The possibilities are truly limitless!