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Elementals Evolved Custom Plugs & Tunnels

Elementals Evolved Organic Custom Body Jewelry - Elementals Evolved is a line of organic, custom-made wood body jewelry launched by Painful Pleasures in early 2014. It's an extension of our Elementals Organics collection that we created to showcase the hand-crafted wood plugs and tunnels we're now making to order in our Hanover, Maryland, USA workshop. Each piece in the Elementals Evolved line of custom wood body jewelry was designed by our resident artists and incorporates a different type of exotic wood that we cure ourselves before we use it to craft plugs or tunnels to your specifications. Choose from material options like pink ivory wood, blood wood and olive wood and style choices like single- or double-flare tunnels, thick-walled tunnels, and solid plugs. Tell us your preferred size and any other custom specifications you have, and we'll make stunning custom wood plugs or tunnels just for you.