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Organic Rings, Bracelets & Pendants

Organic Rings, Bracelets & Pendants - Our Elementals Organics collection of rings, bracelets and pendants and our Limitless line of pre-designed and custom pendants include a diverse assortment of hand-crafted organic jewelry. Shop for handmade wood rings, wooden bracelets, and pendants crafted from natural materials like bone, horn and coral with .925 sterling silver accents, as well as laser-etched wood pendants featuring your choice of graphics. Whichever organic rings, bracelets or pendants you choose, they're sure to make a unique addition to your organic jewelry collection.

The best way to maintain your organic wood rings, wooden bracelets and pendants crafted from bone, horn and coral is by periodically cleaning your organic jewelry with a damp cloth. You should also massage a small amount of jojoba oil or tea tree oil into wood rings and wood bracelets periodically to maintain the wood's moisture and prevent cracking. Never submerge organic wood jewelry in water, or it may swell and become misshapen. If your wood rings or bracelets ever become over-saturated, blot them with a dry cloth and allow them to air dry fully before wearing them again.

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