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Gauges, Plugs, Tunnels, & Ear Jewelry

Plugs and Tunnels - Plugs and tunnels are large gauge jewelry for stretched ears and other stretched piercings. We offer plugs and tunnels in a wide range of sizes, from 12g to 00g and beyond. Shop for glass plugs and tunnels, stone plugs and flesh tunnels, silicone tunnels in a range of colors, dental-grade acrylic plugs in skin tone shades, custom plugs and tunnels, laser engraved Limitless plugs decorated with your choice of graphics, plugs and tunnels made from organic materials like bone, horn, mother of pearl, abalone, and other natural elements, conch pin plugs jewelry, plugs shaped like hearts and teardrops, and other styles of plugs and tunnels.

To see specific types of plugs and tunnels, click either "Plugs" or "Tunnels" below, and then choose from subcategory options like Glass Plugs and Silicone Tunnels. You can also see plugs and tunnels in specific gauges by clicking the "Plugs & Tunnels by Size" link below, and then selecting your preferred gauge from the options listed. If you'd like to view our selection of ear hangers, spirals and other large gauge earrings instead, visit our Ear Hangers section.

Maintain your plugs and tunnels by occasionally wiping them down with a damp cloth. If your plugs or tunnels are made of jojoba oil or wood, you should periodically massage a small amount of jojoba oil into them to maintain moisture and prevent cracking. Alternatively, you can use tea tree oil on wood plugs and tunnels. You can buff the metal portions of your plugs and tunnels with a polishing cloth when desired to make the metal gleam.

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