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Ear Cuffs & Wraps

Ear Cuffs - Ear cuffs are an attractive addition to any cartilage ear piercing or unpierced cartilage ear ridge. Many of our ear cuffs have a short barbell that you can get in the ideal size or your piercing, and each one comes with a decorative cuff that encompasses the outer ridge of your upper ear, held in place by the accompanying barbell. We also offer a nice selection of non-piercing ear cuffs that simply clip onto the outer rim of your ear cartilage, so you can enjoy these ear cuffs whether or not your ears are pierced. Many of our septum rings also make beautiful ear cartilage. These ear cuff designs come in both clip-on style and options for pierced ears. Check out our full selection of ear cuffs below.

If you're looking for something different, check out our cheater rings, too, which come in hoops and other shapes that have 18g-20g posts that hold the rings in place. Simply place the cheater ring around your upper ear cartilage, and then thread the post through the jewelry, through your helix piercing, and back out through the other side of the cheater ring to secure it in place.