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Bronze Earrings

Elementals Organic Bronze Jewelry - Our collection of Elementals Organics bronze jewelry includes organic wood plugs with bronze dangles and hoops attached, delicate bronze dangle earrings for standard-sized ear piercings, pinchers with bronze accents, bronze coils and hanging large gauge earrings crafted from bronze, other styles of bronze jewelry, and intricate bronze earring stands. Every piece in our organic bronze jewelry collection is crafted by talented Indonesian artisans exclusively for Painful Pleasures' Elementals Organics line.

Bronze is a metal alloy consisting primarily of copper with tin or other elements, like phosphorous or manganese, mixed in. It's a great metal for making body jewelry, and it's often used as a base in our gold-plated organic jewelry. You can clean your all bronze jewelry with an appropriate bronze cleaner and use a polishing cloth to buff it to a sheen. When cleaning organic bronze jewelry that also consists of more porous elements like wood, it's usually best to just use a polishing cloth to clean the metal. You can massage jojoba oil or tea tree oil into the wood portions of your organic bronze body jewelry to help maintain the wood's moisture and prevent cracking.