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Insert-Ability Plugs

Insert-Ability Plugs - Our Insert-Ability Plugs allow you to take your look to a new dimension. Take any insert from our Insert-Ability Elementals Organics line and fit it into one of the various Insert-Ability Plugs. Choose from a variety of inserts and mix and match them with different Insert-Ability Plugs to create a whole new look.

Stretching Tip: Massage a small amount of emu oil into the skin around your piercings twice a day for a week leading up to a stretch. Doing so will enhance your skin's natural elasticity and reduce the chances of the stretching process causing microscopic tears in your skin that could make you susceptible to infection. For a gentler stretch, add a layer of stretching tape to your jewelry every week or so rather than going up a whole size at a time. For more tips that can be applied to stretching any piercing, check out our Ear Stretching FAQs.