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Single Flare Plugs

Single Flare Plugs - We offer a large selection of single flare plugs for your stretched ears, stretched labret piercings and other stretched piercings. Choose from custom-made single flare plugs crafted from exotic woods, handmade organic single flare plugs, acrylic single flared plugs, bejeweled steel single flare plugs, glass single flare plugs, and other single flared plug options. Note that not all types of single flare plugs can be autoclaved, so please only add one of our "Sterilize My Jewelry" options to cart for each plastic or silicone single flare plug you want us to sterilize for you.

Tip: A week before stretching a piercing, massage a small amount of emu oil into the skin around it twice a day. Emu oil naturally enhances the skin's elasticity, preventing microscopic tears during the stretching process and helping you avoid an infection. For more tips that can be applied to stretching any piercing, check out our Ear Stretching FAQs article.

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