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Acrylic Straight Barbells

Acrylic Straight Barbells - Each of our acrylic straight barbells is made with a precision-machined 316L surgical steel shaft capped on either end with dental-grade acrylic balls, dice or other fun, brightly-colored ends. With many of our acrylic straight barbells, you can interchange the acrylic balls with 14g, 12g or 10g shafts in lengths of up to 2", making our acrylic straight barbells great for a variety of piercings. Use these acrylic straight barbells in tongue piercings, nipple piercings, industrial piercings, and more. Straight barbells with acrylic ends are ideal for tongue piercings, because they're gentler on the teeth and gums than tongue rings with metal balls.

If desired, we can autoclave your new acrylic straight barbells before shipping them to you. Just add one of our "Sterilize My Jewelry" options to cart for each straight barbell you want autoclaved. You can care for your new acrylic straight barbells at home by periodically washing them in warm, soapy water.