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Tongue Barbells

Tongue Barbells - We offer a wide variety of standard-sized, 14g 5/8"-long tongue barbells for tongue piercings, as well as straight barbells in other lengths and gauges that can be used as tongue rings. Shop for fun tongue barbells shaped like skulls, iron crosses and other unique symbols, picture logo tongue rings, MLB and NFL team logo tongue barbells, spinner tongue barbells, anodized titanium tongue rings, and other cool tongue barbell options. You'll also find a selection of 14g tops here that you can use to further customize your new tongue barbell.

Note: If you really like one of our standard 14g tongue barbells, but you need a shaft in a different length, check out our 14g replacement shafts. We also offer 12g and 10g replacement shafts that can be used with some of our 14g ends as long as the shaft and ends have a matching thread pattern. Look in the blue "Details" box on any product detail page to see the thread pattern for a piece of jewelry.

If desired, we can autoclave your new tongue barbells before shipping them to you. Simply add one of our "Sterilize My Jewelry" options to cart for each tongue ring you want autoclaved.