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Fusion Ink - Fusion Tattoo Ink

Fusion Tattoo InkFusion Ink - Adam Everett and Next Generation Tattoo Machines have teamed up to bring you Fusion Tattoo Ink. Both Adam and Next Generation bring years of experience to the table. Adam's been delivering some of the easiest-to-apply pigments for more than 15 years, and Next Generation Tattoo Machines has been tattooing and building machines since 1991. Now Adam and Next Generation are combining their 40+ years of experience in the tattoo industry to proudly present you with premiere tattoo ink line Fusion Ink.

Fusion Ink has a much higher pigment load than any other ink on the market today. The line utilizes only organic pigments that are vegan safe. Fusion Ink isn't packed with fillers like many other tattoo inks on the market today. You'll see and feel the difference when you use Fusion Tattoo Ink. Don't just take our word on it; just take a look at some of the work done by the top tattoo artists who now use Fusion Ink. Once you try Fusion, you'll know the difference.


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