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FK Irons AL 13 Proton Tattoo Machines - The AL 13 Proton tattoo machine model is the one of the most recent additions to the AL 13 line. This state-of-the-art creation can be used as a cutback liner or shader. The frame\'s geometry is based on the AL 13 Galaxie II, but with a unique design. It weighs 4.5 oz. and is a very light, everyday runner that will push all types of needle configurations. The FK Irons AL 13 Proton tattoo machine is crafted from 7075-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, which is nearly as hard as steel. The material from which these AL 13 tattoo machines are comprised makes them some of the strongest and lightest tattoo machines available today. They also have the same low vibration and overall feel as conventional steel machines.