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FK Irons AL13 Zen

FK Irons AL 13 Zen Tattoo Machines - The AL 13 Zen tattoo machine is the re-make of a classic, but at a reduced weight of just 4.5 oz. This versatile machine is the first AL 13 with a 1.5 coil system that can be setup either as a cutback liner or cutback shader. The AL 13 Zen tattoo machine pushes 1-50 mag needles with ease. While this machine has some serious force, it will let you work multiple passes without causing excessive trauma, thanks to the way FK Irons tunes each machine. It\'s lightweight makes it ideal for long tattooing sessions. One of the key benefits is that this setup will shift the weight of the machine towards your wrist, making your tattooing session even more comfortable than ever without that annoying pullback force.