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Arm Band Temporary Tattoo - Here you will find quality temporary tattoos for your arm, wrist, ankles, or anywhere... Temporary Tattoos - Thinking about getting a real tattoo, see what it looks like before you do it. Whether you want a custom temporary tattoo, temporary tattoo design, temporary tribal tattoo, or temporary tattoo paper, you will surely find what you want here. How are the temporary tattoos applied? Remove clear plastic shield. Place, image side toward skin, where you want the temporary tattoo. Press a wet towel, paper towel, or sponge to the back side of the temporary tattoo for 30 seconds. Slowly remove paper backing from skin. Allow temporary tattoo to dry before touching or covering with clothing. How are the temporary tattoos removed? Remove temporary tattoo with rubbing alcohol or baby oil. The temporary tattoos are resistant to water and most soaps. How long do the temporary tattoos last on skin? 3-5 Days.