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Autoclave Sterilizers

Proper sterilization techniques are a must for any professional tattoo artist or piercer. And no sterilization option is better than an autoclave. Investing in an autoclave steam sterilizer is one of the best things you can do to protect the safety of your clients and the reputation of your shop. 

What Is an Autoclave Machine?

By definition, an autoclave is a closed, pressurized device designed to heat aqueous solutions to temperatures above the boiling point of water. The pressurized steam in an autoclave will kill all microorganisms clinging to body jewelry, piercing tools, certain tattoo supplies like reusable metal grips, and other solid objects that can withstand high temperatures. 

Types of Autoclave Sterilizing Machines

Of all the sterilization methods available to tattoo artists and piercers, autoclaving stands out as the most effective and cost-efficient option. An autoclave sterilizer will allow you to sterilize larger batches of tools and body jewelry quickly, serve more clients in a day, and save on energy bills.

All of our autoclave machines are designed to ensure the highest level of sterilization – at a price point even small shops can afford.

Tattoo Autoclaves

When it comes to sterilizing tattoo supplies such as reusable grips, tips, and tubes, an autoclave is the gold standard. While an autoclave and reusable supplies may cost more upfront, they’ll eventually pay themselves off as you save on disposable grips and supplies.

Piercing Autoclaves

Obviously, piercing needles should never be reused, but other piercing equipment such as tapers, pliers, clamps, and forceps should be sterilized between uses. Some states require piercing shops to have an autoclave in order to be licensed. Even if yours doesn’t, having an autoclave in your shop is still critical for the health and safety of your clients.

Body Jewelry Autoclaves

Sterilizing jewelry for new piercings is essential to minimize your clients’ risk of infection. An autoclave sterilizer is the perfect solution, letting you quickly and safely sterilize nearly any body jewelry. You can even offer sterilization services to your clients, charging a small service fee for them to bring in their own jewelry to be sterilized in your autoclave.

Medical Autoclaves

You may be wondering if there’s a difference between the autoclave machines used in tattoo and piercing shops and the autoclave machines in medical settings. The truth is all autoclaves work similarly, using steam and pressure to completely sterilize equipment. While the autoclaves in hospital settings can be incredibly large and expensive, the smaller machines used by small medical offices are often the same ones used by tattoo artists and professional piercers. No matter the size or price tag of your autoclave sterilizer, as long as you’re buying it from a reputable company like Painful Pleasures, you can trust that it will effectively sterilize your equipment and keep your clients safe. 

Autoclave vs. Steam Sterilization

The terms autoclave and steam sterilizer can be used interchangeably. However, there are other types of sterilization machines that use different methods such as chemical sterilizers and dry heat sterilizers. If you’ve considered either of these, we still think you’d be better served by an autoclave. Autoclaves use less energy and will sanitize body jewelry and tools faster than a dry heat sterilizer, which can take an hour or more per cycle. 

In short, autoclaving is the most effective and cost-efficient sterilization method that you can utilize in your tattoo and piercing shop. Discover more about why autoclaving is the superior sterilization method in our blog, Tattoo & Piercing Sterilization Methods