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Autoclave Sterilizers - By definition, an autoclave is a closed, pressurized device that enables the heating of aqueous solutions up to temperatures above the boiling point of water. The pressurized steam an autoclave emits will kill all microorganisms clinging to body jewelry, piercing tools, certain tattoo supplies like reusable metal grips, and other solid objects that can withstand high temperatures. Autoclaving is the most effective and cost-efficient sterilization method that you can utilize in your tattoo and piercing shop. An autoclave will sanitize body jewelry and tools faster than a dry heat sterilizer, which can take an hour or more per cycle, and autoclaves use less energy, saving you time and money.

Invest in an autoclave for your shop to protect your clients, and you\'ll reap the rewards tenfold within weeks of purchasing it. You\'ll be able to sterilize larger batches of piercing tools and body jewelry quickly, so you can see more clients in a day while also saving on energy bills. Learn more about why autoclaving is a superior sterilization method in our Sterilization by Heat article. For related products, visit our Sterilization Pouches and AutoClean Autoclave Cleaner pages.