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Basic Titanium Circular Barbells - The titanium barbells in our Basic Piercing Jewelry collection make ideal starter jewelry for two reasons: First, they\'re made of grade 23/implant-grade titanium, which is one of the most inert metals and an ideal option for clients with sensitive skin. Second, they\'re internally-threaded, so these titanium circular barbells won\'t scrape fresh fistulas when inserted in new piercings. The high quality material and internal threading will help your clients\' piercings heal faster and better. We offer our basic titanium circular barbells in a wide variety of gauges, diameters and styles, so you can find the perfect ones to keep on hand in your shop for new piercings ranging from earlobe piercings to VCH piercings and beyond. We also offer a nice selection of externally-threaded titanium circular barbells, for those piercers who prefer working with externally-threaded body jewelry.