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In order to perform their work as safely and successfully as possible, tattoo artists require many tattoo supplies in addition to tattoo ink, needles, and a tattoo machine.

Tattoo grips, tubes, and tips help tattoo artists control their machines precisely and work together to provide a comfortable and ergonomic point of contact, whether you’re tattooing a small design or a large-scale piece that takes many hours. Because there’s such great variety in hand size, machine weight, and artist preferences, however, many artists use tattoo grip covers for an even more personalized fit.

Tattoo covers provide even greater flexibility and customization to your tattoo machine setup. Regardless of the style of tube, tip, and grip you’re using, there are tattoo covers available that can make them more ergonomic and comfortable for long-term use. Some artists wrap their tattoo grip in cohesive tape to increase its diameter very slightly and provide a small layer of cushion. Tape provides tremendous flexibility, since it can be applied in the precise length and thickness the artist desires. Other tattoo artists enjoy the soft feeling of a disposable memory foam tattoo cover. Memory foam tattoo covers are fairly lightweight and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

For artists who want a reusable option, rubber or silicone tattoo grips come in a variety of shapes, lengths, diameters, and weights to provide the perfect fit. Tattoo grips made of these materials can be autoclaved between uses for a sterile and sustainable session every time.