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We offer one of the largest selections of earrings and body jewelry you'll find online. Our extensive earring selection includes French hook earrings, large gauge earrings, cartilage jewelry, hoop earrings, and a multitude of other earring styles rather than just traditional earrings. Whether you want a new pair of dangle earrings, cool large gauge spirals to wear in your stretched lobes, cartilage cuffs to wear in your helix piercing, or another style of earrings, you'll find it here!

Please note that not all of our earrings are sold in pairs. Most of our captive rings and circular barbells are sold individually, as are some of our large gauge earrings. Most of our standard earrings, like our French Hook earrings and other 18g-20g earrings, are sold in pairs, though. Just look for "price per 1" or "price per 2" in the product name and/or description to find out if you need to purchase 2 at a time to get a complete set.

Stone Earrings

We offer an assortment of organic stone earrings for both standard-sized ear piercings and stretched ear piercings. Choose from French hook earrings inset with crushed turquoise and other stones, hoop stone earrings, spiral ear hangers inset with crushed stone, organic wood and stone ear hangers, and other stunning options. If you choose one of our fusion stone earrings that also contains wood, periodically massage a little jojoba or tea tree oil into the wood portions of your jewelry to maintain moisture. To clean your stone earrings, gentlywipe them down with a damp cloth whenever needed.

Elementals Organic Bronze Jewelry

Our collection of Elementals Organics bronze jewelry includes organic wood plugs with bronze dangles and hoops attached, delicate bronze dangle earrings for standard-sized ear piercings, pinchers with bronze accents, bronze coils and hanging large gauge earrings crafted from bronze, other styles of bronze jewelry, and intricate bronze earring stands. Every piece in our organic bronze jewelry collection is crafted by talented Indonesian artisans exclusively for Painful Pleasures' Elementals Organics line.

Bronze is a metal alloy consisting primarily of copper with tin or other elements, like phosphorous or manganese, mixed in. It's a great metal for making body jewelry, and it's often used as a base in our gold-plated organic jewelry. You can clean your all bronze jewelry with an appropriate bronze cleaner and use a polishing cloth to buff it to a sheen. When cleaning organic bronze jewelry that also consists of more porous elements like wood, it's usually best to just use a polishing cloth to clean the metal. You can massage jojoba oil or tea tree oil into the wood portions of your organic bronze body jewelry to help maintain the wood's moisture and prevent cracking.

Standard Organic Earrings

Our Elementals Organics collection of standard earrings for 20g-18g ear piercings includes a variety of stud and French hook earrings, captive rings, and clip-on earrings. Shop for dangle earrings crafted from bone, mother of pearl, abalone, and other natural elements, gold and silver clicker earrings that you can wear in a variety of piercings, including ear and septum piercings, other styles of organic captive rings, stud earrings adorned with leather flowers and other organic charms, and more organic earrings for standard ear piercings. Each piece in our standard organic earrings collection is crafted by hand in Indonesia by some of the most talented jewelry artisans in the world, which means that no two pieces are exactly alike. However, we do our best to match up the two most similar standard organic earrings when you purchase a pair.

You can buff your metal standard earrings to brighten their sheen whenever you'd like. Other organic earrings like those made from bone and mother of pearl can be carefully wiped down with a damp cloth as needed. If the organic earrings you choose contain horn or wood parts, massage a small amount of jojoba oil into those portions periodically to maintain the material's moisture and prevent cracking.

Elementals Organics Horn Pinchers & Stirrup Horn Earrings

If you're looking for unique horn jewelry to expand your collection, you're sure to love the horn septum pinchers and stirrup horn earrings from our Elementals Organics collection. In addition to making great septum jewelry, our horn pinchers can be worn as earrings in stretched lobes and nipple piercings. Our horn cheaters make awesome earrings for those with slightly-stretched earlobe piercings. The picks that come with each pair of stirrup horn earrings are tapered, and the central area that goes through the lobe is in the 16g-14g size range. If your ears are stretched beyond 14g, you can wear our stirrup horn earrings, too; they look great dangling from tunnels. Whichever option you choose--whether you pick a pair of stirrup-style horn earrings, a horn pincher, a pair of pinchers, or both styles of organic jewelry--you'll be getting some of the best horn jewelry on the market at an affordable price.

Bali Earrings

Our stunning Bali earrings are made in Indonesia by some of the finest craftsmen in the industry. Most of our Bali earrings are either stud style or French hook earrings made primarily of sterling silver, but we also offer traditional earrings made of other organic materials, including bronze and gold, and a few large gauge earrings comprised of materials like hand-carved wood. Match our sterling silver Bali dangle earrings with our beautiful Bali belly button rings, and pair our coral, areng wood and mother of pearl Indonesian pendants with our matching Bali earrings for a truly amazing look head-to-toe.

Chandelier Earrings

If you're looking for a pair of long dangle earrings, sparkling crystal chandelier earrings, simple teardrop dangle earrings, or another style of chandelier earrings, you're sure to find exactly what you want here. We offer more than 200 different types of chandelier earrings and dangle earrings made of everything from sterling silver and gem stones to colorful beads and more. If you're most interested in Bali-style chandelier earrings, you can view just our selection of Bali earrings here. 

French Hook Earrings

French hook earrings make an elegant addition to any outfit, and we offer some truly stunning options for you to choose from. Shop for Bali style French hook earrings hand-crafted in Indonesia by some of the industry's finest artisans, dangle earrings comprised of shining chains and colorful beads, feathered French hook earrings, pink chandelier earrings, and other beautiful styles of French hook earrings. Please note that our French hook earrings are all sold in pairs (price per 2).

Sterling Silver Earrings

We offer a large selection of sterling silver earrings, most of which are made from .925 sterling silver and a few of which are made from highly tarnish-resistant argentium silver. These pieces include sterling silver hoop earrings, sterling silver dangle earrings with rings and other decorations, like our Bali sterling silver earrings that are each studded with colorful gems in your choice of colors, and sterling silver post stud earrings with and without silver dangles. You'll also find a few captive rings among our collection of sterling silver earrings that have 316L surgical stainless steel hoops with argentium silver charms that are highly tarnish resistant. These pieces are primarily distinguished by their skull-shaped argentium silver charms, many of which come with or without gems based on your preference.

Hoop Earrings

We offer more unique hoop earrings than you're likely to find anywhere else online, and we've broadened our definition of "hoop earrings" to include some artistic styles you may never have considered otherwise. We have plugs with golden hoops threaded through them, French hook earrings with dangling hoops, traditional gold hoop earrings, captive bead rings, large gauge spiral earrings, unusual ear hanger hoops, and other styles of hoop earrings. Whether you have standard earlobe piercings requiring 20g-18g earrings or stretched lobes, we have cool hoop earrings that will fit you perfectly and that you're sure to adore.