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Gold Body Jewelry

Gold Jewelry - We offer an extensive selection of gold jewelry for every type of body piercing. Shop for both standard and large gauge gold earrings, gold labret studs, gold lip rings, gold nose rings, gold belly button rings, gold dermal tops, gold ends for internally-threaded body jewelry of all types, and many other styles of gold jewelry. We even carry gold tooth jewelry! Scroll through our entire selection of gold jewelry here, or click on any of the gold jewelry subcategories below to see specific types of gold jewelry, like gold belly button rings.

Note that the majority of our gold jewelry is made from 14 karat gold, but you\'ll also find gold plated jewelry and hybrid gold jewelry that combines materials like 14 karat white gold and 316L surgical stainless steel in this section. You\'ll typically know by a glance at the price if the jewelry you\'re interested in is solid gold or gold plated, but that information will also appear in the product names and/or descriptions.