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Industrial Piercing Jewelry

Industrial Barbells & Jewelry

Express your inner punk or let your cute flag fly with a wide variety of stylish and durable industrial piercing jewelry options at PainfulPleasures. When your industrial bar piercing heals, shop industrial jewelry featuring wavy and spiral centers, cool charms like skulls and animals, and fun phrases like “angel” and “freak.”

Industrial barbells are a type of straight barbells reserved for your ears. If you are considering industrial jewelry, read our FAQ detailing everything you need to know about industrial piercings.

Types of Industrial Jewelry Materials

Depending on your unique style and your skin sensitivity, choose any of these high-quality industrial barbell materials.

Titanium Industrial Barbells

Stick with titanium industrial barbells and body jewelry if you need hypoallergenic material that serves as a strong, dependable barbell base.

Surgical Steel Industrial Barbells

Stainless steel is another popular alloy for industrial piercing jewelry that reduces the likelihood of a bad skin reaction while remaining durable.

Sterling Silver Industrial Barbells

Invoke a timeless sensibility with a sterling silver industrial bar. The versatile nature of sterling silver serves edgier and lighter jewelry styles equally.

Gold Industrial Piercing Jewelry

Turn heads and add a dazzling touch of elegance when you accessorize with extravagant or simple gold industrial piercing jewelry.

Popular Industrial Piercings & Jewelry Styles

Not sure what type of body piercing jewelry or industrial earrings fit your current look? These are our most popular industrial jewelry styles.

Dangle Industrial Piercing Jewelry

Center a charm on your industrial barbell or upgrade your earring game with dangle jewelry that loops between either end of your barbell for a signature look.

Double Industrial Piercing

Branch out when you commit to two industrial piercings. Choose complementary barbells for parallel piercings, cross-shaped jewelry for perpendicular piercings, or x-shaped creations for diagonal piercings.

Small & Dainty Industrial Piercing

We stock industrial barbells in smaller gauges and more subtle designs when you want a flash of style that doesn’t overwhelm your look.

Unique Industrial Jewelry

Along with basic piercing jewelry, browse our collection of artist-crafted industrial piercing jewelry boasting one-of-kind designs. Order 16g, 12g, or 14g industrial barbells.