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Labret Jewelry

Types of Labret Piercing Jewelry

Labret piercing jewelry comes in many different styles. While most labret studs and posts are threaded (meaning of the ball and post screw together), other labret studs are threadless, such as the Trinity Titanium Push Pop Top.&nbsp

Labret studs feature bright opals, anodized titanium beads, or shaped jewelry such as the Internally Threaded Yellow Gold Top or Titanium Jewel Cluster. Labret piercing jewelry brands include Gorilla Glass, Kaos, and our own PainfulPleasures lines.

Labret Piercing Studs FAQs

What is a Labret Stud?

Labret studs are the most popular style of piercing studs on the market. Labret studs consist of a flat back plate with a threaded or threadless post connected to a removable gem, ball, or similar jewelry. The backplate of a labret piercing stud lies close to the skin for comfort.

What Gives a Labret Stud its Name?

Labret refers to any piercing attached to the lip, or labrum. Labret piercing studs get their name from this type of piercing. Labret piercings are located on the flesh just below the bottom lip and above the crease of the chin.

What Other Body Piercings Use Labret Studs?

In addition to lip piercings, labret piercing jewelry are popular choices for ear piercings, including tragus, conch, lobe, and helix piercings.

Labret nose studs are also common, as are philtrum piercing (the philtrum is the little groove between the nose and the upper lip). Marilyn piercings use labret studs just above the right upper lip, while a Monroe piercing is the same thing only above the left upper lip. Ashley piercings, that pierce the lip, use a labret piercing stud in the center of the lower lip.

How Do You Remove a Labret Stud?

One of the advantages of labret piercing jewelry is how easily you can swap one piece out for another. To remove labret studs, hold the flat disc of the labret post in one hand and turn the external pieces counterclockwise until the ball is removed. Remove the post by gently pulling the disc up and out.

Labret Piercing Stud Materials

The most popular metals used to make labret studs are titanium and implant-grade stainless steel. Both metals are used for surgical implants and good choices for people with sensitive skin or metal allergies. Sterling silver and 14kt gold are also popular choices.

Is Labret Piercing Dangerous?

While you can find some claims online that labret piercing is dangerous, as long as the piercing instruments are properly sterilized and you take proper care of the piercing during the healing process, a labret stud is quite safe.

What Size Labret Piercing Do You Need?

Like other types of body jewelry, the location of a labret piercing determines the size of stud you’ll use. The thickness of a labret stud post is expressed as gauge, with higher gauges indicating thinner posts.

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