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Merlin Permanent Makeup Machine & Tools - In this section, you\'ll find the Merlin permanent makeup machine and all available parts for this machine, including needles, sleeves, transmission shafts, etc.

The Merlin is one of our most popular permanent makeup machines. It accommodates both round and flat needles, has a powerful rotary motor, and provides ultra smooth, noise-free operation. The motor section is sealed at the factory so that it can be cold solution sterilized. The Merlin features an 8,000 RPM, and an optional foot pedal is also available for hands-free speed control. Size: Approximately 3.5\".

Pre-sterilized, disposable parts from the motor down help to eliminate cross contamination. Sleeves can be autoclaved or used with disposable parts for time-saving convenience.

The Merlin and Mosaic permanent makeup machines are the only rotary machines on the market with designs that rotate up and down. The needle motion delivers an \"in and out\" procedure rather than zigzag.