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Mom\'s Tattoo Ink by Millennium Colors - Whether you know this ink as Millennium Moms Tattoo Ink, Moms Millennium Ink, or just plain Moms Tattoo Ink, the bottom line is that you know the name, and there\'s a good reason for that. There\'s been a lot of buzz about Moms Ink by Millennium Colors, Inc., because they make an amazing product. The colors are vibrant, application of Moms Tattoo Ink is easy, and there are tons of colors available. All Millennium Moms Tattoo Ink is made from pure, uncut, homogenized dispersed pigments. Mom\'s promise is to deliver the \"highest possible pigment content\", and they\'re true to their word. Moms Ink will help you create brighter tattoos than you\'ve ever inked before, and all with pigments that fly right into the skin with a smooth yet rapid flow rate. Learn more about Moms Tattoo Ink in our article, Top Brands in the Golden Age of Tattoo Inks.