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Nipple Jewelry

Nipple piercings are all the rage in recent years, with celebrities and common folk alike sporting nipple rings more publicly and prominently. As these folks know, nipple piercings are fun, sexy, eye-catching, and provide a wide range of jewelry options. As one of the top online purveyors of nipple piercing jewelry, we’re here to answer your questions and show you what the buzz is about!

Nipple Piercing Questions

If you\'re considering a nipple piercing but have some questions before you take the plunge, we’re here to help. Below you will find some of the most common questions people ask about nipple piercings, along with brief answers and links to our blog articles that address each question in greater detail. You can also start at our full Nipple Piercing Guide that addresses these questions and more!

Do Nipple Piercings Hurt?

All piercings hurt to some degree, but how much will depend on the individual. Nipples are slightly more nerve-dense than most other places on the body, but by most accounts it’s not so bad.

How Long Do Nipple Piercings Take To Heal?

9-12 months on average, but that depends on the individual and the quality of their aftercare regimen. This healing time is substantially longer than many other popular piercings, so make sure you’re ready to commit to a long nipple piercing aftercare routine.

Do Nipple Piercings Get Infected Easily?

Not if you’re practicing good piercing aftercare! They may become more easily irritated from frequent contact with clothing, but our nipple piercing aftercare article has tips for that, too.

Can You Breastfeed With Nipple Piercings?

The short answer is yes, but it might require some jewelry modifications and there could be other complications. Read the full article linked above for more detailed information.

Types of Nipple Piercing Jewelry

One of the best things about nipple piercing is that the possibilities for nipple piercing jewelry are enormous. Keep in mind that the term “nipple ring” is commonly used to refer to all styles of nipple piercing jewelry, whether or not they’re actually rings.

To start, your piercer will likely install 12g or 14g straight barbells or bent barbells. These are the easiest to install and put the least amount of pressure on healing piercings. But once your nipple piercing is fully healed, you’ll be ready to experiment with any of the exciting styles below.

Captive Bead Nipple Rings

Captive bead rings are a classic shape for a variety of body piercings, and are especially cute on nipples!

Nipple Shields

Nipple shields are a type of body jewelry made specifically for nipple piercings. They consist of a straight barbell that passes through the nipple piercing and a decorative piece that could be almost any shape, size, style, or design you can imagine.

Nipple Piercing Bars

Straight, bent, or circular barbell jewelry – sometimes referred to simply as nipple bars – are a versatile option for nipple piercing jewelry. These common styles of body jewelry come in nearly every size and offer infinite possibilities for color, jewel, and ball combinations.

Segment Nipple Rings

Segment rings are similar to captive bead rings, but somewhat easier to manage when it comes to removing and replacing. 

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