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Permanent Makeup Machines

Permanent Makeup Machines

The permanent makeup business has grown tremendously in recent years, and it’s only getting bigger. That means more companies making permanent makeup supplies, and more artists looking for the best permanent makeup machine. Luckily, PainfulPleasures carries all the best permanent makeup machines on the market at the best prices you’ll find online.

Permanent Makeup Machine Basics

Permanent makeup is similar to tattooing, but not identical. In permanent makeup procedures, artists deposit a specialized permanent makeup pigment into only the first layer of skin, the epidermis. That means “permanent” makeup is not exactly permanent — it lasts 1 - 3 years depending on the specific procedure, aftercare, and lifestyle of the client. Permanent makeup machines are basically pen-style rotary tattoo machines that use special needles designed specifically for permanent makeup.

Micropigmentation Machine Basics

While you might see the term “microblading machine” floating around, this a bit of a misnomer since true microblading is done using a manual tool with multi-prong needles. A more accurate term for machines in the PMU industry is “micropigmentation machines.”

Types of Permanent Makeup & Micropigmentation Machines

Nearly all permanent makeup machines are rotary tattoo pens designed specifically for PMU. Many can be used for multiple types of permanent makeup from lip blushing to powder brows, though some are more versatile than others. Some of the key distinguishing factors between PMU machines include whether or not they are wireless, if they have bluetooth capabilities, their voltage, and the types of permanent makeup needles they can accommodate.

Machines for Permanent Eyeliner & Eye Makeup

Permanent eyeliner is one of the most delicate, precise permanent makeup services available and requires a machine that’s up to the task. That’s why we only stock PMU machines from respected, industry-leading brands that have precision and safety in mind.

Permanent Makeup Machines for Eyebrows

While traditional microblading doesn’t require a PMU machine, other brow techniques, such as the “filled-in” look of powder brows, do. Additionally, many PMU artists and clients prefer to achieve a microblading look using PMU machines like the Microbeau Bellar Cosmetic Tattoo Machine, as this process is less damaging to the skin than traditional microblading. When used to mimic microblading techniques, these machines are sometimes also referred to as “nano machines” or “nano hairstrokes machines.”

Machines for Permanent Lip Pigmentation

All of Painful Pleasures’ PMU machines are also ideal for permanent lip pigmentation or “lip blushing.” Some artist favorites include the Spektra Xion S, the affordable Peak Kyan Pen, and the ultra-precise Microbeau Bellar, which handles the delicate work of lip lining with ease.

Professional Permanent Makeup & Micropigmentation Machine Brands

If you buy from PainfulPleasures, you can rest assured you’re getting a quality permanent makeup machine from one of the best brands in the business.


Kwadron first gained its stellar reputation by producing some of the sharpest, most durable needles in the tattoo industry. It’s continued to grow that reputation with it’s high-quality tattoo and PMU machines like the Kwadron Equaliser Mikron PMU Machine.


Cheyenne is recognized around the world for their high-quality rotary tattoo and permanent makeup machines. Although they’re on the upper end of the cost spectrum, many tattoo and permanent makeup artists swear by them. The Cheyenne Hawk must be used with Cheyenne’s industry-leading cartridge needles.


Microbeau, the same company behind the Spektra line of rotary tattoo machines, is the go-to brand for high-end permanent makeup artists due to its sleek, design-oriented finish, high-performance manufacturing, and excellent ecosystem of accessories. Microbeau permanent makeup machines are compatible with most cartridge needles.


Peak is one of the most recognizable and respected names in the tattooing and permanent makeup machine business. Their reputation is based on the quality and popularity of their cartridge needles and the highly-regarded permanent makeup machine they produce.


Sapphire offers excellent mid-tier permanent makeup machines that feature design and manufacturing elements comparable to more expensive machines but won’t break the bank. Sapphire permanent makeup machines use only standard permanent makeup needles.


Precision offers a range of affordable permanent makeup and tattooing basics, including a starter permanent makeup kit that has everything you need (except for needles, tubes, and ink) in a convenient carrying case that’s perfect for artists on the go. The Precision machine uses only standard permanent makeup needles.

How to Choose the Best Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine

To choose the best permanent makeup machines for your business, you’ll need to consider the brand’s reputation, your budget and experience level, and the types of services you want to offer your clients. Many PMU artists find that they prefer or need different machines for different types of permanent makeup. Fortunately, when you get a PMU machine or other permanent makeup accessories from PainfulPleasures, you know you’ll find only high-quality brands that are trusted in the industry.