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Nose Piercing Retainers

Piercing Retainers - Sometimes you have to downplay your most visible body piercings for work, school, church, or family gatherings, or you have to insert non-metallic body jewelry to get you through medical procedures like surgery, MRIs or other body scans. It\'s a good idea to have acrylic, silicone, or other clear or flesh-colored piercing retainers on hand for such times. Piercing retainers can be used to conceal piercings or keep them open when you can\'t wear your everyday metal body jewelry. Although most piercing retainers won\'t completely hide a piercing, they do make piercings far less noticeable. Since most piercing retainers are made from things like clear silicone or flesh-colored dental-grade acrylic, they also make perfect alternative jewelry for medical procedures.

We carry a variety of piercing retainers suitable for a wide range of piercings. Shop for a septum retainer, flesh colored plugs for stretched ears and other stretched piercings, clear glass labret studs, pink and clear tongue ring retainers, clear nose piercing retainers, and other flesh-colored and clear jewelry that makes great body piercing retainers.