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Pinchers & Horseshoe Septum Rings

Horseshoe Septum Piercing Rings

In this section, you’ll find a wide selection of septum pinchers, horseshoe septum rings, screw-on ball rings, and septum piercing retainers. Shop for septum pinchers and rings made from high-quality metals and organic materials like mother of pearl, steel, titanium, 316L surgical stainless steel. You’ll also find all the extras you need to customize and maintain your septum jewelry like spare O-rings, unique replacement ends, and other circular septum jewelry.

Horseshoe Septum Ring vs. Septum Pincher

With many different types of septum jewelry and different names for each, sorting through all the available styles can be confusing. In this case, the terms horseshoe septum ring and septum pincher can be used interchangeably. Both refer to a piece of septum jewelry that is semicircular in shape with an opening at the bottom. If the ring tapers to a point at each end of the opening, giving it a crescent shape, it might be more likely to be referred to as a pincher. If it remains the same diameter around the entire ring, it’s more likely to be called a horseshoe ring. Horseshoe nose rings can also refer to retainer septum jewelry that comes in an open rectangular shape or true horseshoe shape; these pieces are often flipped into the nose to hide the jewelry while keeping the piercing open.

Other types of septum jewelry include circular or bent barbell rings, which are similar to horseshoe rings but have two small balls at each end; captive ball rings, which feature a complete circle that’s screwed closed with a small ball; and septum clickers, which are complete circles that can click open and close at a hinge.

Popular Types of Horseshoe Septum Piercing Rings

Gold Septum Horseshoe Rings

Gold horseshoe septum rings remain one of the most popular choices for septum jewelry as they offer a classic look and minimal skin irritation.

Titanium Septum Horseshoe Rings

Titanium is one of the most biologically compatible metals available, making them perfect for anyone with sensitivities to other metals. For the same reason, they’re also a popular choice for starter septum piercings as the metal won’t cause further irritation to the new piercing.

Pointed Septum Rings

Pointed septum rings – also known as crescent rings or pinchers – taper to a point at each end, and are one of the most popular styles of septum piercings.

Small Septum Horseshoe Rings

Small septum horseshoe rings are ideal for those who love the style of septum piercing but don’t want their piercing to become the focal point of their face. They’re also ideal if you need to hide your septum piercing as most can be easily flipped upward into your nose.

How to Put In a Horseshoe Septum Ring

Eventually, you’ll be a pro at changing out your septum piercings, but those first few tries can be tricky. First, it’s important to wait until your piercing is fully healed before attempting to put in a new horseshoe septum ring. Piercings that aren’t completely healed will be somewhat swollen, making it difficult to guide new jewelry through the piercing.

Next, make sure you\'re starting with clean hands and sterilized jewelry. If you add one of our \"Sterilize My Jewelry\" options to your cart, we’ll autoclave your jewelry before shipping it to you. (Add one for each piece you want us to sterilize). As long as your piercing is fully healed, the process should be fairly intuitive. Gently guide the new horseshoe ring through piercing, center it, and replace any balls that screw into the end of the ring. Take your time to ensure you don’t irritate the piercing and to get familiar with the motions.

If you\'re looking for plugs for your stretched septum piercing, visit our Plugs & Tunnels section. We also offer a variety of septum clickers, segment rings, seamless rings, septum tusks, bent barbells, and other high-quality body jewelry and septum rings.