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Art by Tattoo Artist Ron Russo: Ron Russo is one of the leading tattoo artists of his generation specializing in horror and dark realism. His tattoos and paintings portray life-like images, but his creations don\'t focus strictly on the real world; they often weave in elements of fantasy, gore, the undead, and hell.

Ron has an amazing way of bringing a client\'s idea to life as they discuss it, often sketching freehand on the person\'s skin images he\'s pulled from their mind, processed through his, infused with his style, and poured out into a mind-blowing tattoo outline. And that\'s just the beginning! By the time Ron\'s art takes final form, the imagery--whether tattooed or painted--is gripping. Even if you aren\'t a horror fan, the detail and realism in Ron Russo\'s art will capture your attention.

Ron is a seasoned artist with over 10 years\' experience tattooing. He and his wife Geena own and operate 5-7-0 tattoo shop in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Ron also travels the tattoo convention circuit throughout the year, and occasionally stops by The Studio at Painful Pleasures for a guest appearance. He\'s licensed Painful Pleasures to re-print select pieces of his work so that more of his fans can enjoy his dark art.