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Surface Barbells

Surface Bar Piercing Jewelry

Surface barbells are stapled-shaped jewelry designed for surface piercings like nape hip and nape piercings. There's typically a 90-degree post on either end of a surface barbell, but sometimes posts are angled differently so decorative tops that sit flush with the surface of the skin.

How to Choose the Best Surface Piercing Jewelry

Although bent barbells and other styles of jewelry can work as surface piercing jewelry, surface barbells are the one style that has proven reliable over time. Piercers who use surface barbells claim they have a 95%+ success rate. For more surface piercing info, read our Surface Piercing FAQs.

Titanium Surface Barbells

Titanium surface bars have the lowest rejection rate because they're made from implant-grade titanium, which is the most inert metal and least likely to cause an allergic reaction. We carry titanium surface barbells in a variety of styles and lengths, so you can find the perfect one for any surface piercing. Buy short titanium barbells for anti-eyebrow and temple piercings, longer titanium surface barbells for chest and nape piercings, titanium barbells with wide-angle posts, and more.

Surgical Steel Surface Bar Jewelry

Our steel surface barbells are made from the highest-quality implant-grade surgical stainless steel. We offer surgical steel surface barbells in a wide range of lengths and styles, including steel surface bars with 90-degree angled posts, steel surface barbells with posts at alternate angles, flat steel surface barbells that are less prone to rejection, standard round shaft surgical steel surface barbells, and more. 

Tops for Surface Piercing Jewelry

Looking for cool surface piercing jewelry to decorate your nape, chest, anti-eyebrow, or other surface piercing? Whether you want simple balls or flat discs, surface piercing jewelry shaped like flowers, insects, hearts or skulls, jeweled surface barbell tops, or fancier silver or gold tops, we have the perfect surface piercing tops for you here. Shop now for surface barbell tops that will work with surface bars ranging in size from 18g-10g.

Gold Surface Bar Tops

Looking for unique 14k gold tops for your surface piercing? We offer a variety of solid yellow and white gold surface bar tops in unique shapes, jeweled gold surface barbell tops, gold balls for surface piercings, and other white and yellow gold surface piercing jewelry. Choose from gold surface barbell tops shaped like bees, butterflies, dragonflies, skulls, cones, balls, and other unusual shapes, with or without inset jewels. Most of our gold surface barbell tops are custom-made to your specifications, so please allow us extra time to create and ship your new gold surface piercing jewelry to you.

Jeweled Surface Bar Tops

Add a little glitz to your nape piercing, chest piercing, hip piercings, or other surface piercing with our jeweled surface bar tops! We offer a wide variety of jeweled surface bar tops, including balls inset with jewels, custom-made gold surface bar tops studded with gems, jeweled surface bar tops in rhombus, fleur-de-lis, and other unique shapes, prong-set jeweled surface barbell tops, and more.

Surgical Steel Surface Bar Tops

We offer a variety of unique steel surface bar tops that you can pair with any surface bar piercing. Add jeweled steel surface barbell tops to a nape or hip piercing, decorate a chest piercing with steel surface barbell tops in cool shapes like ghosts, hearts, and skulls, or add any of our other stunning steel dermal tops to your surface barbell to change up your look. 

Titanium Surface Bar Tops

Shop for titanium surface barbell tops for your chest, nape, hip, or other surface piercing. Choose from titanium surface bar tops inset with jewels, titanium dermal tops in unique shapes, like flowers and skulls, flat disc titanium surface bar tops, titanium spikes, titanium ball tops inset with jewels, and other unique titanium surface bar top options. If desired, we can sterilize your new titanium surface piercing jewelry for you before shipping it to you.