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Tattoo Machine Parts

Like all tradespeople, tattoo artists must have deep familiarity with and knowledge of their tools in order to keep them in good working condition. Fortunately, there’s really only one indispensable tool in the tattoo artist’s arsenal: the tattoo machine. Some artists spend their entire careers tinkering, tweaking and customizing their tattoo machines, while others simply buy a new one when their old one starts to fade, but regardless of your interest in tattoo machine customization and modification, it’s important to understand the different tattoo machine parts and how they work in order to get the most out of them and troubleshoot problems. 

Types of Tattoo Machine Parts

Armature Bars & Alignment Tools

Shop for coil tattoo machine armature bars in a variety of shapes and materials, as well as armature bar alignment tools. We carry standard armature bars, unique cross-shaped armature bars, armature bar adjusters, spring flake adjusters to help you perfectly align your tattoo springs with your armature bar before connecting them, and other armature bar tools and accessories.

Contact Screws & Binding Screws

Looking for high-quality replacement screws for your coil tattoo machine? We offer contact screws and binding screws crafted from your choice of conductive brass or copper. We also carry an assortment of binding post sets to give you all the component parts you need to replace the binding post assembly on your coil tattoo machine. (Tip: Consider filing down the point of your contact screw for maximum contact with your front spring.)

Front & Rear Binding Posts

Shop for high-quality front and rear binding posts and binder sets made from super-conductive brass or copper. We offer Baltimore Street Irons front-drilled brass binder sets, brass back binding posts in different shapes, copper binder sets, rear binding posts made from copper or brass, and other options.

Screws & Tools

Need a replacement screw for your tattoo machine? We have a huge selection of screws, clamps and accessories that will fit most modern tattoo machines. Shop for contact screws and binding screws crafted from brass and copper, iron and steel metric screws, screw caps, wing nuts, InkJecta replacement Vice screw knobs, and more. We also carry the tools you need to adjust the screws on your tattoo machine and tune it to perfection.

Rubber Bands & O-rings

Tattoo machine O-rings and rubber bands wear out quickly. Fortunately, you can stock up on high-quality tattoo machine rubber bands and O-rings at great prices here. Shop for black rubber bands that will minimize vibrations from your tattoo machine and help maintain alignment as you tattoo, as well as sealing O-rings that you can pair with our tattoo washers and shims

Springs & Spring Flake Adjusters

Shop for front and rear tattoo machine springs for your coil machine. We offer front and rear springs in a variety of gauges by top brands like Precision and Baltimore Street Irons, so you can create the perfect pairs for whatever type of tattoo work you're doing. We also carry a selection of spring flake adjusters to help you align your springs perfectly every time. We even have an all-in-one spring flake adjuster and spring bender to help you get the right angle on your tattoo machine springs consistently. To learn more about tattoo machine springs, the best front and rear spring size pairings, and how to change your coil tattoo machine springs, check out our How Coil Tattoo Machine Springs Work article.

Washers & Shims

Tattoo machine washers and shims might not be the most interesting tattoo machine parts, but they're core components of most coil tattoo machines that you can't do without. When you find yourself in need of replacements, shop here for new, high-quality tattoo machine washers and shims.