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Titanium Labret Jewelry

Titanium Labret Studs - Our titanium labret studs and titanium labret ends are made from solid titanium. You won\'t find any titanium-coated jewelry here! Each piece of titanium labret jewelry is precision-machined, hand-polished, and 100% guaranteed. Titanium is stronger than steel, as light as aluminum, and hypoallergenic, making our titanium labret studs ideal lip rings, nostril studs and cartilage ear studs for those with sensitive skin. Choose from an assortment of threaded and push pin labret studs and a wide variety of titanium labret jewelry ends made from solid titanium or titanium settings cradling beautiful opals and other gems.

Once you find the perfect titanium labret studs to add to your jewelry collection, let us sterilize them for you. Simply add one of our \"Sterilize My Jewelry\" options to cart for each titanium labret stud and end you purchase, and we\'ll autoclave your jewelry for you and send it to you ready to wear.