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Stretching the Size of Your Ears

Stretching a piercing can either be:  A) a walk through the park, or B) a disaster. It all depends on whether you stretch at a steady pace and keep your jewelry and stretching materials clean. There are different ear stretching techniques you can use... See more at:

by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 16, 2021
50mm Plugs in Stretched EarsStretching a piercing can either be:  A) a walk through the park, or B) a disaster.

If you'd like to have the "A) a walk through the park" stretching experience, you have to stretch at a steady pace and keep your jewelry and stretching tools clean. 

Ear Stretching Techniques Photo of stainless steel taper for safe stretching

There are different techniques you can use to stretch the size of your earlobes. One of the most popular ear stretching techniques involves using tapers. When working with tapers, make sure you ease them in slowly; if you insert tapers with force, you can risk tearing tissue and causing other problems that could prevent your ears from healing fully and well after a stretch.

Photo of bondage tape for stretching ear piercingsAnother technique that works best once your ears are stretched to a larger size—let’s say 2g or 6mm—involves using bondage tape. PTFE tape is fairly simple to use, and it can help you stretch slowly without tearing tissue. That will allow your body to adjust to the new modification at its own pace. You can use a pair of plugs that you already have; just add a layer of PTFE tape around the wearable area of each plug, and then insert them into your earlobes. Wear the plugs at that size for a week or until your ears feel like they are no longer irritated; some people will need more time to heal than others. Once your ears feel healthy, take the plugs out and add another layer of PTFE tape. Continue this process until you reach your desired size.

Ear weights

The last technique we will discuss here is using weights. This method is known as “dead stretching”. Using weights is effortless; simply put the weights in and allow your lobes to stretch. Periodically check to see if you've reached your goal size, and insert new body jewelry when you finally reach that size. Until then, just let gravity do the work! 

Using weights is effortless, but it may cause some discomfort. However, a degree of discomfort is to be expected with any stretching method. 

Photo of bottle of Recovery Saline SprayWhichever stretching method you use, you should make sure to keep your stretching materials clean and always wash your hands before you touch your ears. This is a good way to keep your ears from getting infected. You should also clean your ears regularly with sea salt solution. Keep a product like Recovery Saline Spray handy to spray on your ears a few times a day throughout the stretching process.

Tip: For the best stretching experience, wait 1-1/2 times as long as it took your earlobes to heal after first being pierced (e.g. 6-9 weeks) in between stretches. Slow and steady wins the stretching "race"! Photo of bottle of Jojoba oil for lubricating piercings

It's also acceptable to use lubrication like Emu Oil or Jojoba Oil as an aid in the stretching process. Emu oil also increases your skin's elasticity, so it will stretch more easily and with less damage to the tissue. 

To use Emu Oil, begin massaging the oil into your lobes daily two weeks prior to starting the stretching process. When the two weeks are up, put a little oil onto the selected stretching tool, and slowly insert it into your earlobe. 

Here are a few pictures of a successful ear stretching up to 50mm.

Happy stretching!!! 



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