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How REV23 Can Streamline Studio Management

Nate Laff, founder and developer of REV23, chats with Dan Lorenzo about what REV23 offers tattoo and piercing shops.

by dan lorenzo Last Updated: May 16, 2021

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Dan Lorenzo: Hey Nate. I was really impressed when I got to see in person what REV23 is capable of. Tell me if this is right: If I was a tattoo artist who worked for somebody else, I wouldn't need REV23, right? It's more for shop owners, right?

Nate Laff: REV23 Desktop, our software for Windows PCs, is definitely more geared towards operating the studio. While there are a number of private studios and single artists who use it and [find that it] works great for them, its primary audience is studio owners and managers. Other REV23 apps are in the works though that will fit any scenario, including artists who want some level of self-management whether they’re in a studio that uses REV23, another competitor, or nothing at all.


Tell me some of the ways a shop owner would benefit from owning REV23?

REV23 is all about studio efficiency and automation. How many boxes of release forms are taking up room in your studio? REV23 was the first to offer digital release forms to the industry in 2011. How much money did your last no-show cost you? A text message reminder could have prevented that. How long does it take to figure out what you owe your artists at the end of the week? REV23 users run a report in a few clicks. These examples are really just scratching the surface, though. There is so much that it can do.


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What sets REV23 apart from other programs out there?

The biggest thing to me is that REV23 is designed for the tattoo & piercing industry. Other programs you find are generally salon software that has been rebranded to target the industry. REV23 has always been and always will be designed only for tattooing, piercing, and related procedures, such as permanent cosmetics and removal. We don’t need to compromise features to make sure they work in other industries, because this is all we care about.


Can you tell me the different monthly costs and programs available?

$49.99! That’s it. Optional hardware such as the signature pad is sold separately of course, but those are one time purchases. The software itself is just $49.99/month. If a text message reminder to a client stops a single no-show in a month, it has paid for itself.


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What if a shop owner is like me — not "great" on computers? If I had to run REV23 in my shop, is it hard to figure out?

Difficulty is subjective, I think. In my opinion, REV23 is not hard to use, but there is a learning curve. There are a lot of REV23 users that claim to be terrible with computers, yet they’re perfectly comfortable with it. You have to be willing to put some time in. Some people are unfortunately not willing to put in that time, which is a shame. By investing time now, you can save yourself a whole lot of time over the coming months and years. I equate it to training a new manager; much like you can’t just “install” a new manager and assume they’re going to get to work without guidance on how you do things and expect it to work out, you have to teach it how your shop runs with a variety of configuration options. Once things are dialed in, it’s pretty smooth!


Let's say I sign up for REV23, but as I'm setting it up, I have questions. Who do I call?

Me! Who better to answer technical questions than the person who created the program? Because I have quite a full plate with writing code for REV23 and supporting all of our users, I prefer email as the first point of contact, but I’m very speedy to reply! If the answer requires a bit more explanation, I’m always happy to hop on the phone when needed though.


Anything else you want to tell people reading this?

Reach out to me with any questions and I always encourage people to check out the testimonials on from real, paying users — many of whom you’ll recognize right away. It’s no coincidence that many of the biggest names and businesses in the industry use and trust REV23. It’s been time-tested for over eight years and is developed based on user feedback. And if you see me at conventions, come say hi! I dig meeting people and hearing their experiences.


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