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What’s Your Sign? 10 Tattoos Inspired by the Stars

These ten tattoos will leave you curious about what the stars say about your personality.

by amber Last Updated: May 27, 2021

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When asked the question, “What’s your Sign?” we answer with what is known as our sun sign. Most people have a vague enough knowledge of astrology to make small assumptions about someone's personality based on their sun sign. When I reveal myself to be a Virgo, people usually assume I’m a dedicated perfectionist with a possible tendency to procrastinate, but most people are totally unfamiliar with the extended birth chart which includes the positioning of other planets, the moon, and more. However, for some people, astrology is not only an important aspect of their identity but also may influence the decisions they make and how they communicate with others. Whether you investigate the astrological birth chart of all your friends and crushes or consider yourself an astrology skeptic, the tattoos below will certainly inspire you to learn more about what the stars say about you.


astrology tattoos, astrology, natal chart

Most people know astrology as the sign we look up when reading our horoscope–the sun sign. This sign is the position the sun was in at the time of our birth, but astrology actually delves much deeper. The position of each planet, the moon, and other important constellations, theoretically, influences our lives and personality in different ways. This tattoo displays a full astrological birth chart, depicting the positionings of each planet and star at the time of this person’s birth.


astrology tattoo, scorpio tattoo, scorpion tattoo, traditional tattoo

This tattoo captures scorpio pride in a traditional style. Scorpio tattoos are especially popular, with countless scorpions inked to embody the passion and determination characteristic of people born under this sign.


astrology tattoo, gemini tattoo, astrology inspired tattoos

Like the Gemini this tattoo embodies, its personality is difficult to pin down, as it incorporates elements of different tattoo styles. Dotwork and geometric shapes make up this portrait of the Gemini twins.


astrology tattoo, aries tattoo, permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing

Connect these tattooed freckles and you’ll find the Aries constellation. This innovative tattoo displays Aries pride front and center while also keeping it hidden amongst these cute freckles.


astrology tattoo, capricorn tattoo, sagittarius tattoo

This surreal tattoo blends the imagery for the Capricorn and Sagittarius signs. The horns and scales reference the horned half goat-half fish that serves as the symbol representing the Capricorn constellation while the clawed hand and arrow allude to the bow-wielding centaur of the Sagittarius constellation. The surreal style of the tattoo also captures the fantastical nature of the Capricorn and Sagittarius creatures.


astrology tattoo, gemini tattoo, minimalist tattoos

A common choice for astrology tattoos is a simple symbol, like this Gemini glyph. These little symbols of pride are subtle since the symbols will only be meaningful to others in the know, and to those fellow astrology fans they stand as clear symbols of astrological pride.


astrology tattoo, capricorn tattoo, astrology inspired tattoos

This Capricorn tattoo creatively combines the layout of the constellation with the eponymous creature. Capricorns are typically revered for their self-control. Representing the constellation with a realistic, black and white portrait and a reference to the stars themselves embodies that trait.


astrology tattoo, leo tattoo, mandala tattoo

People born under the Leo sign are said to be showy and proud, so it comes as no surprise that those born under this sign would enshrine their lion pride in a tattoo. This tattoo not only shows love for the Leo sign, but also blends two trends together, the geometric mandala and ethereal astrology.


astrology tattoo, taurus tattoo, constellation tattoo

Much like the simple symbol, tattoos of the constellation each astrological sign represents are particularly popular. These tattoos also tend to be quite minimalistic, incorporating dots, sparkling stars, or, in the case of this Taurus tattoo, flowers connected with light lines.


astrology tattoo, aquarius tattoo, astrology inspired tattoos

Another straightforward ode to the sun sign, this tattoo of the untameable Aquarius brings beauty and simplicity to the water-bearer constellation. Like the water the Aquarius constellation bears, people born under this sign tend to refuse containment and categorization both in their personality and their lifestyle.

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