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Top Must-Haves for PMU Artists

Check out our top picks for some of the most popular permanent makeup supplies you’ll need to get started as a permanent make-up artist.
by Painful Pleasures Last Updated: April 5, 2022

Top permanent makeup inks and supplies in a collage

Permanent makeup procedures have become increasingly popular in the last few years, and will continue to gain momentum in both the beauty and tattooing industries in the years to come due to their versatility, convenience, and value. Whether you’re an makeup artist looking to expand your client offerings or a tattoo artist angling to capture a share of the expanding permanent makeup market, there are a few must-have permanent makeup supplies you’ll need to get started.

Permanent Makeup Machine Spektra Flux S for permanent makeup tattooing in special edition bubblegum

The permanent makeup machine is equally important to PMU artists as a tattoo machine is to tattoo artists, so you should be sure to invest in one that is durable and comfortable enough for frequent use, and that provides the power and features you need to perform the most common permanent makeup procedures. In the permanent makeup machines section, you’ll find dozens of machines from some of the most trusted manufacturers in the business. Peak and Sapphire both offer quality rotary machines that balance performance and affordability for those just getting started in the business. For those willing to spend more, Cheyenne machines are renowned across the world for their precision manufacturing and simple, durable design, while Microbeau, a dedicated permanent makeup manufacturer, has also emerged as an industry leader, providing machines that offer all the power and performance you need, along with a sleek design aesthetic that captures the fashion-forward ethos of the industry.

Box of Vertix cartridge tattoo needles for permanent makeup proceduresPermanent Makeup Needles

Along with the machine, permanent makeup needles are one of the most important tools in the PMU artist’s toolbox. The most critical thing to understand when buying needles is whether your machine accepts traditional needles or cartridge-style needles. Some machines accept either, but most of today’s most popular permanent makeup machines use cartridges. In addition to this distinction, permanent makeup needles also come in different sizes, tapers, and groupings that are used in different contexts or procedures in order to achieve different effects. Once you know which type and style of needles you’re looking for, you can browse from our selection of industry-leading permanent makeup needle manufacturers, including Peak, Cheyenne, and Vertix. If you’re looking for microblading needles, check out the microblading supplies section of our store.

Permanent Makeup PigmentGrouping of all permanent makeup inks by Perma Blend

Permanent makeup pigments are the final essential supply for all PMU artists. Pigments are what you insert into the epidermis using your machine and needles to create different looks and effects. As a PMU artist, it is vitally important that you have a wide range of permanent makeup pigments available so that you can perfectly match the colors and hues of any client’s skin and hair. We carry high-quality permanent makeup pigments that you can trust to provide safe, beautiful results, from top brands like BioTouch, Custom Colors, Perma Blend, and Mei-Cha. While you can build your pigment library by purchasing individual colors, the most cost-effective approach for starting PMU artists is definitely to invest in pigment color sets. These can provide broad palettes that offer flexibility across skin and hair tones, or groups of similar colors and hues for more subtle color distinctions in specific areas of the body or specific skin and hair color families.

Browse the entire collection of permanent makeup supplies in our online store, and check PainfulPleasures frequently for all the latest PMU supplies and information.

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