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Inner Ear Piercings: How to Build Your Own

In this blog, we’ll chat about what makes this trend-setting style so versatile, and how you can build your own custom look. Read more!
by Danny Tress Last Updated: May 16, 2021

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Just like potato chips, it’s hard to have only one ear piercing — especially nowadays. You may have noticed jewelry filling the ears of “name in lights” celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce, Halsey, and more. It’s safe to say: Gone are the days of subtle hoops or studs, and here to make a statement are multiple ear piercings specially curated into one cohesive look. 

Maybe you’ve considered curating your own ear. Maybe you’ve already gotten started and are planning your next move. In this blog, we’ll chat about what makes this trend-setting style so versatile, and how you can build your own custom look. 

So, what’s a curated ear? Photo of curated ear by professional body piercer Javier Guerra

A curated ear has been pierced multiple times to create a personalized, self-expressive look. The process of ear curation can be meticulous. For instance, many people plan what jewelry they would like to wear before getting their piercings done. That way, they know they have enough space between piercings to fit their favorite accessories. Additionally, curated ears are sometimes known as “constellation piercings,” since some people carefully “map” their piercings to resemble the stars.  

So, why is this such a trend? Well, the ear as a whole is pretty darn versatile, allowing for much more eye-catching variety than the standard single or double-lobe piercings. There are countless spots on the ear that can be pierced according to your “fashion blueprint.” It’s also a small enough site that allows you to pierce up, deck out, reconfigure, and hide your look if need be. Check out our article on all the different types of ear piercings to see which ones pique your interest.

Photo of curated ear by professional body piercer Rata TafelI want to curate my ear! Where do I start? 

Starting completely from scratch? You can begin with any piercing you want. You may even consider starting with multiple piercings at once. If you know very little about cartilage piercings, you can start simply by checking out our blog on everything you need to know about inner ear piercings.

No matter your starting point, a trustworthy, professional, and experienced piercer is top priority when it comes to getting anything pierced. A professional will hear you out, get an idea of your vision, and help carefully plan your curated ear. They’ll also provide you with the best aftercare tips. 

While you should definitely follow the advice of a trusted piercer, you should also know your own limitations when it comes to pain. If this is your first piercing and you’re feeling anxious, we recommend sticking with just one piercing at a time, seeing how your body responds, and going from there. Your personal budget is also important to consider. 

As mentioned above, however, creating your curated ear can be a slow and meticulous process. While going to a trusted piercer and starting your ear curation without a specific vision is A-OK, it’s important to ask yourself: 

  1. Am I the type of person who plans ahead? 
  2. Do I have specific body jewelry in mind? 

If your answer is “yes” to either of these questions, you’ll want to talk to your piercer about how to achieve your desired look with respect to spacing, patterns, and symmetry (if you’re going for both ears).  

Eager as you may be once you’ve got everything mapped out, we only recommend getting up to 3 piercings in one sitting. In fact, most professional One bottle of purified saline wash by Recovery Aftercarepiercing artists will only agree to 3 or 4 punctures at a time. A piercing is a voluntary wound, and you’ll want to give each one proper attention and care to make sure it heals well, especially when it comes to cartilage piercings. That being said, up to 3 is enough to take care of all at once. 

Perhaps you’ve already started curating your ear and have your own aftercare regimen that works for you. If you haven’t tried it already, we recommend our top-selling Recovery Saline Solution. You can also create your own saline soaks with Recovery Dead Sea Salt, Tea Tree Oil, and warm distilled water. New to all of this? Check out our proper aftercare article for tips on maintaining a healthy piercing. 

Photo of curated ear by professional body piercer Laura Vik'tWhat should I wear in my curated ear? 

One of the best parts of having a curated ear is the versatility. You can change up your jewelry whenever you want, creating an “ear puzzle” tailored to whatever style you’re vibing with; and unlike swapping out one or two accessories, changing your curated ear jewelry is more about building a cohesive aesthetic. 

To start getting ideas, check out our massive selection of captive and cartilage rings, perfect for tragus or helix piercings. You can also browse our wide selection of seamless and captive daith jewelry. Keep an eye out for the custom-made accessories, available in steel, titanium, and niobium, which are hand-made and polished by our in-house jewelers for durability and shine. Plus, the titanium and niobium accessories can be anodized in-house to one of 26 vibrant color options. 

Additionally, ear cuffs and climbers are an excellent way to heighten your curated ear from an everyday look into something more sophisticated. Photo of synthetic opal titanium derm tops for your curated ear

But if the basics are more your thing, simple captive bead rings, barbells, and studs can give you the classic silvery metallic glint you’re looking for. A lot of our barbells and basics are compatible with a variety of threaded ends to change up the look of your curated ear.

Have fun shopping, be yourself, and enjoy connecting the pieces of your custom, curated ear puzzle. 

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