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Piercing Ideas for a More Masculine Look

Hey guys! Are you interested in learning about men's piercings or looking for cool body jewelry for guys? If so, we have all the masculine piercing and jewelry ideas you want right here. Learn about the most popular piercings for guys and check out our extensive selection of men's jewelry.

by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 16, 2021

Guy With Stretched Lobes, Lip Piercing and Neck Tattoos Hey guys! Are you interested in learning about men's piercings or looking for cool body jewelry for guys? If so, we have all the masculine piercing ideas you want right here. Read on to learn about the most popular piercings for guys and see a sampling of our extensive selection of men's jewelry.


Piercings for Guys

Most piercings are unisex by nature, but there are some piercings that are definitely more masculine than others and a handful that are just for guys. Usually it's the body jewelry you choose that makes a piercing more masculine, though. For instance, girls with dermal piercings often opt for pretty accessories, like jeweled dermal tops, whereas guys who get dermals tend to choose more masculine tops like spikes and industrial-looking screw head dermals. Guys are also slightly more likely than girls to stretch their earlobes so they can wear cool plugs, tunnels and other heavier gauge jewelry.

The types of piercings guys tend to favor most are helix piercings, industrial piercings, earlobe piercings, eyebrow piercings, septum piercings, tongue piercings, labret and other lip piercings, nipple piercings, and male genital piercings. Of those options, nipple, eyebrow and ear piercings are the top three most popular piercings for guys.

Bullet Plugs for Men's Stretched Earlobe Piercings When it comes to male genital piercings, there are tons of choices. More men get Prince Albert piercings than any other type of male genital piercing, but frenum piercings are a close second on the popularity charts. Prince Albert piercings go through the urethra from either the bottom or top of the penile shaft, and they exit through the urethral opening in the head of the penis. When a PA piercing goes through the top of the penile shaft, it's called a reverse Prince Albert piercing.

Although guys are more drawn to PA piercings than many other male genital piercings, sexual partners aren't always crazy about them. Before you get a Prince Albert piercing, talk to your partner and see how s/he feels about it. If the idea doesn't delight your partner as much as the possibility excites you, consider starting out with a more sexually-stimulating male genital piercing like an apadravya piercing or frenum piercings.

Frenum piercings are surface piercings placed horizontally along the penile shaft. They can be very stimulating for sexual partners during intercourse and guys tend to love the look of them, so many men who get frenum piercings end up getting a Jacob's ladder. A Jacob's ladder is a series of frenum piercings placed equidistant apart along the underside or top of the penile shaft.Prince Albert Wands for PA Piercings Frenum piercings placed along the top of the shaft are called dorsal frenum piercings. You could get a row of frenum piercings down either side of your penile shaft, too, but that placement isn't nearly as popular as the traditional and dorsal frenum piercing placements. Frenum piercings placed along the sides of the penile shaft may be more irritating than stimulating to sexual partners.

Apadravya piercings are vertical piercings placed through the top center of the head of the penis. They're one of the most painful male genital piercings to get, but they can be very sexually stimulating, particularly for female partners. When you have sex with a woman in a position like missionary or doggy style, the top or bottom ball of an apadravya piercing will stimulate her G-spot.

Your other male genital piercing options include:

  • Ampallang Piercings = Piercings placed horizontally through the penile head
  • Dydoe Piercings = Surface piercings that go through the top ridge of the penile head, parallel to the penile shaft
  • Kuno Piercings = Foreskin piercings for uncircumcised men
  • Lorum Piercings = Low frenum piercings, placed through the skin in between the base of the penile shaft and the scrotum
  • Dolphin Piercings = Connects a PA piercing to a second hole lower down the penile shaft, usually with a bent barbell
  • Pubic Piercings = Surface piercings placed anywhere on the pubic mound
  • Hafada Piercings = Surface piercings on the scrotum
  • Guiche Piercings = Surface piercings placed through the perineum, between the scrotum and the anus
  • Anal Piercings = Piercings placed through the rim of the anusPrince Albert Jewelry for PA Piercings

If you'd like to learn more about male genital piercings, check out our Male Piercings and The Basics of Male & Female Genital Piercings articles. You can learn about the benefits and drawbacks of each type of male genital piercing, how to care for a new genital piercing, what styles of jewelry work best in each one, and more by reading those articles.


Body Piercing Jewelry for Men

There are thousands of body jewelry options available in our Retail Store, but if you're searching for really masculine-looking men's jewelry, check out our top picks below. We've included a representative image of nearly every type of men's jewelry we offer, as well as notes about which styles of jewelry works best in which piercings for guys. Click on any image or category name to see more options like the ones shown, or visit our Body Jewelry section to see our entire selection of body piercing jewelry for men.

Men's Jewelry Options

Men's Captive Bead Rings Seamless Rings for Men's Piercings Segment Rings for Male Piercings
Men's Captive Bead Rings
Captive bead rings work in a wide variety of men's piercings, including cartilage, earlobe, septum, lip, and nipple piercings. They're also great for male genital piercings like PA piercings, hafada piercings, pubic piercings, and guiche piercings. Choose from nearly 500 cool captive ring options!
Men's Seamless Rings
Seamless rings are captive rings that don't have removable parts to complete them. Instead, there's a gap in the ring that you can expand to insert the jewelry; you can then realign the ends and gently squeeze the ring until the gap is nearly or completely invisible like it is with our fixed bead rings.
Men's Segment Rings
Segment rings are captive rings with removable segments that snap in and out of the rings so you can easily insert and remove the jewelry. They work in all the same men's piercings as traditional captive bead rings do, but they provide a more seamless look. Choose from plain and decorated rings.
Pinchers for Guys Piercings Screw-on Ball Rings for Men's Piercings Circular Barbells for Men's Body Piercings
Pinchers for Men's Piercings
Pinchers are kind of a hybrid of captive rings and circular barbells. They're most often used in septum piercings, but you can also wear them in cartilage piercings, earlobe piercings and nipple piercings. Many pinchers require o-rings to hold them securely in place, so always keep a few extras on hand.
Men's Screw-on Ball Rings
Like pinchers, screw-on ball rings are somewhat of a hybrid between circular barbells and captive rings. The ends don't meet, just like with circulars, and each one has a ball or other decorative end that screws onto one side of the ring. You can wear these rings in all the same piercings as captive rings.
Men's Circular Barbells
Circular barbells, also known as horseshoe barbells, are U-shaped rings with 1-2 removable ends that allow you to insert the jewelry in your piercing. You can wear them in cartilage, earlobe, nostril, septum, lip, nipple, Prince Albert, frenum, pubic, hafada, and guiche piercings, among others.
Titanium Spike Dermal Tops for Men's Piercings Bent Barbells for Men's Piercings Fake Plugs for Men's Ear Piercings | Men's Earrings
Men's Dermal Tops
Men's dermal tops are typically 14g-12g internally-threaded tops that can be used with any dermal anchor or barbell that has a matching 1.2mm internal thread pattern. Wear them with dermal anchors, circular barbells, straight barbells, bent barbells, and other body jewelry with internal threading.
Bent Barbells for Men's Piercings
Bent barbells have a gentle curve to them that makes them perfect for dolphin piercings, PA piercings and nipple piercings, as well as frenum piercings and lorum piercings. It's best to choose a bent barbell that has 2 balls instead of other decorative ends for use in any male genital piercings.
Fake Plugs for Men's Ear Piercings
If you like the look of plugs but don't want to stretch your earlobes, you can wear fake plugs like the ones shown above instead. Fake plugs come in a variety of styles, including jeweled fake plugs, fake plugs with skulls, and other designs. Fake plugs are really only suitable for earlobe piercings.
Ear Hangers | Men's Earrings Eyebrow Rings for Men's Eyebrow Piercings Glass Body Jewelry for Men's Piercings
Men's Ear Hangers
Ear hangers come in a wide range of styles and sizes for both standard ear piercings and stretched lobes. Choose from organic horn spiral large gauge earrings, wood, horn and bone stirrup earrings, hangers shaped like animals, bone ear weights, and other standard and large gauge men's earrings.
Men's Eyebrow Rings
Men's eyebrow rings come in a variety of styles and sizes. You can wear a micro bent barbell with balls or other cool ends, like the dice eyebrow ring shown above, captive bead rings, segment rings, seamless rings, twister rings, circular barbells, or eyebrow piercing retainers in your eyebrow piercing.
Glass Jewelry for Guys' Piercings
Glass jewelry will add flare to just about any men's body piercing. You can wear glass plugs in your stretched lobes, a glass conch pin in your conch ear cartilage piercing, a glass labret plug in your stretched lip piercing, a glass septum tusk or septum pincher in your septum piercing, and more.
Gold Jewelry for Piercings for Guys Men's Industrial Piercing Barbells Labret Jewelry for Men's Lip Piercings
Men's Gold Jewelry
Nothing else is quite as classy as gold jewelry on a man, so replace your steel or titanium barbells with radiant gold jewelry for a more upscale look. Every style of body jewelry we carry comes in gold, from captive rings to bent barbells and beyond, so you can wear gold jewelry in any men's piercing!
Men's Industrial Barbells
If you have an industrial piercing and you're tired of your current cartilage jewelry, check out our selection of 80+ industrial barbells. We offer tons of great options for men, like industrial barbells featuring phrases, skull charms, iron crosses, stars, bead mazes, spirals, custom colors, and more.
Men's Labret Jewelry
Traditional labret studs make great jewelry for a variety of men's piercings, including cartilage, nostril, cheek, and lip piercings. If you have a labret piercing, you can wear cool labret pinchers and labret talons like the one shown above, too. We also offer labret plugs for stretched lip piercings.
Men's Nipple Rings | Men's Nipple Piercing Jewelry Limitless Custom Plugs | Photo Plugs and Laser Engraved Plugs Men's Nose Rings | Men's Nostril Piercing Jewelry
Men's Nipple Rings
We offer a variety of dangle captive rings, straight barbells, nipple shields, bent barbells, and other styles of men's nipple piercing jewelry to give you the selection you crave. Choose from masculine designs like the snake nipple shields shown above, tribal captive rings, and many other options.
Limitless Custom Jewelry
Our Limitless custom plugs and pendants are truly unique pieces of men's jewelry, because they feature YOUR designs! Choose from photo plugs, laser engraved wooden plugs, photo fake plugs, steel tunnels with laser etched wood inserts, and more, all customized with the graphics you choose.
Men's Nose Rings
If you have your nostril pierced and desperately want to find a masculine nose ring, look no further! In addition to the many girly jeweled nose rings we offer, we also carry masculine-looking spiked nostril screws, star topped nose bones, simple segment and seamless nostril hoops, and more.
Men's Tongue Rings Men's Plugs and Tunnels Septum Tusks for Men's Septum Piercings
Men's Tongue Rings
If you're looking for masculine tongue rings, your search ends here! We offer loads of great tongue rings for men. Choose from tongue rings with tops shaped like skulls and crossbones, flames, iron crosses and lightening bolts, vibrating tongue rings to please your partner, and more.
Men's Plugs & Tunnels
We offer nearly 1,400 plugs and tunnels for your stretched piercings. Choose from options like our custom Elementals Evolved tunnels and plugs made from exotic woods, organic plugs, tunnels and hangers, and a multitude of options made from glass, acrylic, steel, titanium, and other materials.
Men's Septum Tusks
If you have your septum pierced and you're not into pinchers or bull rings, we offer a variety of other masculine septum jewelry like the septum tusks shown above. Choose from handmade pig tail septum tusks, tribal septum tusks, thick arced tusks for stretched septum piercings, and other designs.
Men's Piercing Retainers PA Wands for Prince Albert Piercings Men's Surface Piercing Barbells
Men's Piercing Retainers
If you need a piercing retainer to make a dermal piercing, stretched lobes, an eyebrow piercing, or another piercing more discreet, you'll find some unique options in our Piercing Retainers section. Choose from flesh tone plugs and dermal tops, clear glass piercing retainers, and other options.
PA Wands & Other Prince Albert Jewelry
If you want to try a PA wand or need another style of Prince Albert jewelry, you're sure to find the perfect accessory for your PA piercing here. Painful Pleasures is a leader in custom PA jewelry like the unique PA wand shown above. We'll work with you to make sure your Prince Albert jewelry is a perfect fit.
Surface Piercing Jewelry
If you have a surface piercing, we have the best men's jewelry to accessorize it. Choose from surface bar staples like the one shown above, surface barbells with angled or straight arms, and hundreds of surface barbell tops in every design imaginable, from simple balls to custom-made designs.


Additional Male Piercing Info

If you'd like to learn more about nipple piercings, eyebrow piercings, ear piercings, or other popular piercings for guys or you have body jewelry questions, like how to measure organic jewelry to ensure the best fit, check out these helpful articles from our Information Center:Horn Dermals by Arseniy Andersson

You can also visit our Body Piercing Pictures Gallery to see male piercing pictures or stop by our forum to read about other guys' piercing experiences and post questions for our knowledgeable moderators and experienced community members to answer. Note that you must be 18 or older and have a Painful Pleasures account to view mature photos, comment on other people's pictures, share photos of your own mods, and post in the forum.

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