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Piercings Exclusively for Women

If you'd like to know more about piercing options just for women, we have the low-down for you on the most popular female genital piercings and some less common options you may be interested in.

by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 16, 2021

Captive Bead Rings for HCH Piercings & Other Female Genital PiercingsThere are loads of cool piercings that guys and girls alike can sport, like ear piercings, eyebrow piercings, lip piercings, and even nipple piercings. If you're only interested in those piercing options that are just for women, though, we've got the 411 on popular female genital piercings for you right here… as well as info on some lesser-known female genital piercings that you might be interested in exploring for yourself.

Popular Piercings Just for Women

There's really only one area of the human body that's different for men and women when it comes to piercings: the genitals. Female genital piercing options are completely different than male genital piercing choices, for obvious reasons. The three most popular types of female genital piercings are clitoral hood piercings, Christina piercings and labia piercings. Let's take a look at your choices in each of these categories:

Clitoral Hood Piercings

When it comes to clitoral hood piercings, there are 2 popular options and 2 less common, but equally cool, piercing choices: VCH piercings (i.e. vertical clitoral hood piercings), HCH piercings (i.e. horizontal clitoral hood piercings), Princess Diana piercings, and triangle piercings.Bent Barbells for VCH Piercings & Princess Diana Piercings

VCH Piercings

VCH piercings are placed vertically through the clitoral hood, as the name suggests. Usually a bent barbell or a circular barbell is used for this piercing, to provide maximum stimulation of the clitoris, which will be immediately beneath the jewelry once a VCH piercing is done. These female genital piercings can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to heal.

Vertical clitoral hood piercings are by far the most commonly-requested type of female genital piercing, but not every woman can get one. You have to be able to pass a Q-tip test, which will tell your piercer if your clitoris is deep enough to accommodate a receiving tube. A receiving tube is needed to catch the piercing needle and protect your clitoris when you get a VCH piercing, because the clitoris is a very delicate bundle of nerve endings that's best not accidentally pierced. Circular Barbells for VCH Piercings, Triangle Piercings & Other Female Genital PiercingsMost piercers won't even pierce a woman's clitoris intentionally. It's just too sensitive and easily damaged. Piercing the clitoral hood vertically so that jewelry comes in constant contact with the clitoris is just fine, though, as long as your body can accommodate this piercing anatomically. If you don't pass the Q-tip test, then you may want to consider an HCH piercing instead.

HCH Piercings

Just as with VCH piercings, the name "horizontal clitoral hood piercing" tells you how this piercing is placed–horizontally through the clitoral hood, over top of the clitoris. HCH piercings are typically done with captive bead rings or other types of hoops, like segment rings or seamless rings. These piercings tend to be more aesthetically pleasing than sexually stimulating, but HCH piercing jewelry can send occasional bolts of electricity through your clitoris, too. If you want a clitoral hood piercing and you don't qualify for a VCH piercing, then a horizontal clitoral hood piercing is the best way to go. There's a chance you might still be a candidate for a triangle piercing, too, if you want to explore that option with your piercer as well.Jeweled Chunk Rings for HCH Piercings & Other Female Genital Piercings

Note that HCH piercings typically take between 6 and 8 weeks to heal.

Triangle Piercings

In order to get a triangle piercing, you have to have sufficient clitoral hood and clitoral tissue for your piercer to be able to pinch the base of your clitoral hood, lift up your clitoris, and keep it away from your body while doing the piercing. The reason for that is that a triangle piercing goes through the clitoral hood horizontally at its base and passes underneath the clitoris, so that jewelry (typically a horseshoe/circular barbell) stimulates your clitoris from the underside instead of the top as HCH and VCH piercing jewelry would. Your piercer has to be able to protect your clitoris during the piercing process, which is only possible if you have enough tissue in the clitoral region. Circular Barbells for Triangle Piercings, VCH Piercings & Other Female Genital PiercingsTriangle piercings aren't for every woman, but that doesn't mean you can't ask your piercer if you'd be a candidate for this type of female genital piercing.

If you are able to get a triangle piercing, plan on being out of commission in the bedroom for 2 to 3 months. It's important to avoid sexual intercourse, exchange of bodily fluids with partners and even playing with your jewelry for the duration of the healing process, whether you get a triangle piercing or another type of female genital piercing.

Princess Diana Piercings

You have to be able to pass at least a regular Q-tip test to get a single Princess Diana piercing, but these piercings are best done in pairs, which means passing a double Q-tip test. Width and depth of your clitoral hood are important if you want a pair of Princess Diana piercings, which heal relatively quickly (within 4-8 weeks) and are incredibly sexually-stimulating. They're so titillating when done in pairs because of the way they're placed, essentially hugging either side of the clitoris. Bent Barbells for Princess Diana Piercings & VCH PiercingsIf you were to get one of these piercings, your piercer would go through the top left or right side of your clitoral hood and bring the needle out through the same side of the bottom of the clitoral hood, so that a bent barbell would end up laying against the side of your clitoris instead of over top of it like with a VCH piercing. If you get a pair of PD piercings, the end result would look a little like this, with the ' being your clitoris between two bent barbells: )'(

If you're particularly well-endowed in the clitoral hood region, then you may be able to get a pair of Princess Diana piercings and a VCH piercing for optimal sexual stimulation. Your clitoris would then be hugged on three sides by jewelry, and all three pieces would be constantly moving with you. Imagine the feeling! Unfortunately, few of us will ever be that lucky, but if you're one of the few, then go for the trifecta and enjoy yourself!

Colorful Christina Piercing BarbellsChristina Piercings

A Christina piercing is a surface piercing placed vertically through the pubic mound so that the decorative bottom ball of a Christina barbell sits just above the peak of your clitoral hood. This is a purely aesthetic piercing, it's a surface piercing, and it takes a long time to heal compared to most other female genital piercings (up to 4 months or more). Christina piercings are also much more prone to migration and rejection than other female genital piercings, so give this one careful consideration before going out and getting one.

If you do get a Christina piercing, make sure to wear loose-fitting, breathable clothing throughout the healing process. Cotton underwear and loose skirts/dresses are ideal. Don't wear skinny jeans or any other clothing that will press your Christina barbell into your skin and cause unnecessary friction. Religious aftercare is also key in the success of this female genital piercing.

Labia PiercingsSeamless Rings for Labia Piercings & HCH Piercings

Women have two sets of "lips" (which is essentially what "labia" means in Latin) around their vaginas: inner labia and outer labia. The inner labia are small and made of thin, delicate tissue, while the outer labia are larger, thicker, and generally sturdier. Most women can have at least a single fine-gauge ring or two placed through their inner labia, but the outer labia can accommodate much more jewelry. You could have a single captive ring placed on one side of your outer labia, one on each side, or rows of rings or circular barbells placed down either outer labium (which is singular for "labia"). Some women like to slowly stretch their outer labia piercings over time, moving up to progressively heavier-gauge rings or circular barbells, and eventually even small tunnels or plugs.

Small Tunnels for Stretched Outer Labia PiercingsLabia piercings are primarily aesthic piercings rather than sexually-stimulating ones, but they can be very arousing for a partner, at least mentally. Since the outer labia tissue tends to be so thick, these piercings usually take a bit longer to heal than other female genital piercings. You'll need about 2-3 months after the initial piercing, and one-and-a-half times as long in between stretches. Inner labia piercings usually heal within just 4-6 weeks, though.

Fourchette Piercings

The last and least common piercing option exclusively for women is the fourchette piercing. This is a piercing of a flap of skin at the back of the vulva that very few women actually have. If your piercer examines you and tells you that you're one of the lucky few, then a fourchette piercing may be another female genital piercing for you to consider. It's more aesthetic than sexually-pleasing for the piercee, but your partner may enjoy the look of it. If you get a fourchette piercing, expect a 2 to 3 month healing period.


Female Genital Piercing AftercareRecovery Piercing Aftercare Spray

As with all body piercings, it's important to properly care for yourself and your new piercing when you get any kind of female genital piercing. You should try to get sufficient rest, eat healthfully, stay hydrated, and practice generally good hygiene throughout the healing process to ensure that your piercing heals fully and well. You'll also need to clean your piercing 3-6 times per day, preferably with a product like Recovery Piercing Aftercare Spray or another sea salt-based solution. As mentioned earlier, avoid sexual play, intercourse and exchange of bodily fluids until your female genital piercing is fully healed. Expect to have some discharge of lymph, which is a relatively clear substance that tends to dry to a whitish crust. If the discharge gets darker/more yellow and thicker, ramp up your aftercare regime to avoid an infection. Wait until your piercing is fully healed to change your jewelry, and don't be afraid to ask your piercer for help the first time you do. Also, don't hesitate to ask your piercer to look at your piercing's healing progress, if you're concerned about anything like swelling, discharge, skin coloration around your piercing, itchiness, hypergranulation, or other issues that may crop up during the healing process.


Additional Female Genital Piercing Info

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