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Top Tips for Using Threadless Body Jewelry

Get the most out of your threadless body jewelry by using it the right way. Check out all our top tips below.
by Danny Tress Last Updated: March 28, 2023

Threadless body jewelry is a game-changer in terms of style and convenience. “Threadless” means exactly what it sounds like: There’s no threading that holds the jewelry in place. Instead, the threadless decorative top or end piece has a strong pin that fits securely into a threadless shaft. Consequently, this jewelry doesn’t snag at your piercings and lets you swap out the tops or end pieces with relative ease. 

Overall, threadless body jewelry is simple to use. But there are a few key tips to bear in mind to get the most out of your threadless accessories. Check out all our recommendations below. 

Wearing Threadless Jewelry 

As mentioned above, every threadless top or end has a strong pin in lieu of a threaded connector. Before fitting this pin into place, you need to bend it. So, whether you’re a client changing out your jewelry or you’re a piercer starting a client off with a new threadless accessory, be sure to give the pin a bend. You can use the illustrated instructions below as a guide:How to use threadless body jewelry diagram

This bend creates spring tension that holds the jewelry securely in place. Additionally, threadless posts are designed to be slightly larger in diameter than the hole in the backing, which creates a tight fit and a small amount of pressure when you insert a threadless end. This pressure creates a friction fit (or interference fit), which also helps to hold the jewelry in place.  

So, you can count on a super-snug fit if you’ve bent the pin properly. Additionally, you should know that the more dramatic the bend, the tighter your jewelry will fit together.  

Taking Apart Threadless Body Jewelry

Titanium threadless nipple barbell with jeweled ends that have opal accents

This process is much simpler. All you have to do? Hold both ends of the jewelry (the flat end of the shaft and the decorative top)… then pull.  

Well, it can be that easy. If the spring tension between the decorative top and the shaft is very strong, pulling might not cut it. You may also have to add a slight twisting motion to undo that pressure. Once you have the top off, you can easily remove the jewelry, or insert a new top to change up your look. 

Additional Pro tip: If you’re doing this at home and without the help or supervision of a professional piercer, avoid doing it over the sink or bathtub. The jewelry can very easily come flying off, then go tumbling down the drain. We recommend changing your threadless body jewelry in a clean, secure room, so if the top or the shaft go flying off, you can easily spot it. 

Can I Wear Regular Jewelry with Threadless Posts?

Jeweled diamond-shaped threadless tops

Threadless tops are exclusively compatible with threadless posts and vice-versa. Louder for those in the back: No, you cannot wear threadless body jewelry with standard threaded posts.  

This is because threaded tops (or ends) do not have the same super-thin, flexible pin that threadless tops do, so they’re not made to fit into threadless posts. Likewise, a threaded shaft won’t accommodate a threadless top. 

You should also know that all threadless posts and labrets are straight. So, you can only wear threadless jewelry in piercings that accommodate straight barbells or labrets. Consequently, threadless body jewelry is perfect for the following piercings: 

  • Ear lobes 
  • Cartilage 
  • Nostril 
  • Lips 

However, despite this limitation, threadless body jewelry still gives you plenty of options in terms of style and design. There are countless varieties of threadless tops and shafts to choose from. You can find simple looks, edgy designs, or jeweled, eye-catching styles when you shop for threadless tops. 

Inserting Threadless Body Jewelry

Client wearing threadless jewelry in cartilage

While threadless body jewelry is unique, it’s important to handle it just like you would any standard body jewelry. So, when inserting threadless jewelry:  

  1. Make sure the post is aligned with your piercing (i.e. don’t insert the jewelry at an angle). 
  2. As mentioned above, when it comes time to insert the threadless top or end, be sure to bend the pin so it’ll fit tight and not come loose.  
  3. After your threadless jewelry is in place, it’s important to check the fit and make sure it’s secure.

NOTE: The pressure fit we mentioned earlier can weaken over time, especially if the jewelry is frequently removed and reinserted. It’s also possible for the jewelry to become loose or fall out if it isn’t properly inserted or if it’s jostled around too much. So, you’ll want to frequently check to make sure the jewelry is in place.  

Try Threadless Body Jewelry for Yourself

We offer a wide selection of threadless body jewelry in high-quality titanium and 14kt gold. For first timers, we recommend using titanium threadless body jewelry. To find out the benefits of titanium body jewelry, check out our blog here. If you don’t need any convincing about material, go ahead and check out our wide selection of high-quality threadless jewelry by the premier brand Tilum. 

Oh, and as always, whether you’re getting pierced for the first time or the millionth… we always recommend taking good care of your piercings. And your body jewelry, too (new and old). To that end, stock up on piercing aftercare by artist-and-client-favorite brands like Recovery to keep your piercings clean of crusties, buildup, and lymph. Be sure to regularly clean your body jewelry as well so you can stay hygienic and keep rocking your self-expressive look without risk of infection. 

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