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Black Friday in July: Your Complete Shopping Guide

Enjoy 10 whole days of deals on top-rated tattoo supplies this Black Friday in July. Check out this complete guide to help you shop.
by Danny Tress Last Updated: July 18, 2022

Get ready for 10 whole days of deals on the BEST tattoo supplies for Black Friday in July. You’ll find markdowns on top brands like Recovery, Peak, FK Irons, and more.

Definitely check out our complete guide to upcoming flash sales below if you’re looking for some shopping ProTips. And don’t forget to mark your calendars with the deals you’re most excited for. Plus, save 15% sitewide on all your favorite products through July 10th with code BFJ22 (sitewide 15% cannot be combined with daily deals).

July 1st: 25% OFF all Recovery

Recovery Derm Shield group shot with blue backdrop

Summertime calls for an AMPLE supply of aftercare. So, to kick off our Black Friday in July Sale, we’re offering everything you need to protect your work at 25% off. This is your chance to grab Recovery Derm Shield in all sizes and quantities, which gives your clients the most protection from the elements. Plus, it’s the most breathable matte film aftercare on the market.

Already set with your Derm Shield Supply? Now is also your shot to grab all your aftercare favorites by the case.

So, save 25% on Recovery aftercare here.

July 2nd: 30% OFF Peak Machines + Power Supplies

Group shot of Peak tattoo machines with blue backdrop

If you have any chill time during the summer months, this could be your moment to try some brand new tattoo supplies and tech. Peak lets you try high-quality, cutting-edge machines + power supplies without breaking the bank. Try wireless, modular, and standard pen-style machines for any style.

If you’re constantly switching up your stroke length, we highly recommend the Peak Proteus, which lets you make stroke adjustments on the fly. Moreover, if you’re looking to try wireless tattooing, Peak has your back. Try the Solice and switch effortlessly between an RCA and wireless setup.

Battery packs are also a solid alternative for those of you who have a good old reliable machine you’re not ready to part with. Peak’s got your back there, too. You can turn your favorite RCA or 3.5mm input machine into a wireless powerhouse by plugging into a Peak Forge-C or Forge battery pack.

Additionally, now’s your shot to grab the all-new touchscreen Peak Surge Power Supply, which pairs wirelessly to the Peak Radix Footswitch.

Save 30% on Peak machines + power supplies here.

(And stay tuned for more Peak discounts coming in the days ahead)

July 3rd: 20% OFF Body Jewelry

Shot of body jewelry with blue backdrop

Day 3 of Black Friday in July is all about style. Stock your display cases (or simply try out a new look) at 20% off. This is a great opportunity to showcase the latest styles or grab basics in bulk.

This way to 20% off all body jewelry styles.

July 4th: $150 OFF FK Irons Machines

Shot of FK Irons Flux Machine with blue backdrop

Before checking out the local fireworks, make the 4th a real holiday with a fire new machine from FK Irons. Almost every FK model is marked down for the 4th, including wireless, pen-style, and modular machines. Make sparks fly with the EXO, Flux, or any FK Irons machine that’s catching your eye.*

The EXO is your best bet if you’re looking to hop on the wireless bandwagon for the first time. This machine lets you switch easily between an RCA or wireless setup.

But if you’re already a fan of wireless tattooing, the Flux is definitely worth a try. This sleek, artist-favorite machine gives you on-the-fly voltage adjustments + eGive capabilities when you connect to the darklab app. Don’t just take our word for it — check out artist Kasey “Gonzo” Gonzalez’s review of the Flux here. 

This way to save $150 on FK Irons machines.

*FK Irons Flux Max and Microbeau Bellar are excluded from this sale.

July 5th: 25% OFF Saferly Medical Supplies

Shot of Saferly medical supplies with a blue backdrop

Take advantage of these incredible savings and stock your supply closet up with all of the medical supplies you need! Saferly offers all your everyday equipment from cohesive wrap and clip cord covers to essential PPE. Mark your calendars for a good ol’ medical restock on the 5th at 25% off.

Restock Saferly at 25% off here.

July 6th: 30% OFF Peak Needles

Shot of Peak Quartz and Triton cartridge tattoo needle boxes on blue backdrop

Peak is known for their artist-favorite needles. While you may already have a go-to Peak cartridge, this is also a great opportunity for you if you’re itching to try the US-patented Triton needles. Without a doubt, if you like to pack in color with large magnum groupings, you can 100% count on Triton’s US-patented linear technology. This stabilizing technology keeps your needles steady and true for a wobble-free performance. So, get ready to pack in vibrant color with ease.

Above all, July 6th is your day to grab old classic needles like Blood and Quartz or new favorites in all your go-to configurations.

Sharpen up and save 30% on Peak needles here.

July 7th: 25% OFF World Famous + Kuro Sumi Ink

Shot of 3 bottles of World Famous Blackout Tattoo Ink with blue backdrop

Nothin’ like a palette refresh to make your summer a little more colorful. Grab your go-to inks by World Famous and Kuro Sumi at 25% off.

ProTip: This is your chance to try out World Famous’s new Triple Blackout ink at a markdown. Triple Blackout adds crazy dimension to your shading work. Additionally, you can pair it with the OG World Famous Blackout for linework… it’s a black tattoo ink power couple.

Save 25% on World Famous + Kuro Sumi singles and sets here.

July 8th: $150 OFF Cheyenne Pen Machines

Shot of Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited tattoo machine with a blue backdrop

Cheyenne lovers, get in on this exceptional deal on July 8th! Save on all the best Cheyenne machines* like the Sol Nova, Sol Nova Unlimited, classic Hawk, and more.

If you like the feel of motion-activated adjustments and wireless tattooing, the Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited is your best bet. This machine also lets you tattoo in momentary or responsive modes according to your preference.

But if you love a classic pen-style machine, the Cheyenne Sol Nova is an excellent choice. This versatile machine lets you conquer anything from dot work and color realism to bold linework. Check out all the differences between top-selling Cheyenne machines here to help your decision.

You don’t want to miss these markdowns on motion-activated adjustments and vibration-free performance.

Grab your Cheyenne machines at $150 off here.

*The Cheyenne Unio is excluded from this sale.

July 9th: 25% OFF A Pound of Flesh

A Pound of Flesh has cranked out a ton of brand-new, ultra-weird, super-eye-catching tattooable molds for your 3D portfolio. So, make it a summer full of tattooing practice and give your portfolio a touch-up with the latest at 25% off.

Adopt the classic Cutie Doll, which lets you practice palm-sized works on a canvas that’ll definitely turn heads. Additionally, the Cutie Doll comes with a display platform and rod, so you can show him off to potential clients with ease.

Also new from A Pound of Flesh is the tattooable grapefruit. Unlike any previous APOF mold, this is another excellent option for tattooing practice – and a nostalgic piece, too. It pays homage to the days of apprenticeship when tattooing citrus was the best way to make mistakes. But unlike real produce, the tattooable grapefruit never goes bad.

Moreover, this sale is also a great time to stock up on the original A Pound of Flesh limbs and flats. So, choose from a wide variety of sizes and Fitzpatrick skin tones for valuable practice sessions.

Grab your APOF practice skins at 25% off here.

July 10th: 25% OFF Cheyenne Needles

To cap off Black Friday in July, we’re giving you some of the best needles on the market at 25% off. So, grab your Safety, Craft, and Capillary cartridge needles in all your favorite configurations. These quality needles give you everything from a patented safety membrane to transparent housing so you can see your ink flow.

You’ll definitely want to try packing in more pigment with Cheyenne’s capillary needles, which give you 10x the ink flow.

Save 25% on all Cheyenne needles here.


Make sure you don’t miss the upcoming deals you’re most excited about… you can access all the sales right here on our Black Friday in July shopping page. Also, in the meantime, take advantage of your 15% OFF coupon code: BFJ22.

By July 10th, your shop could be full of all the top-rated tech, needles, and inks you’ve been eyeing for weeks.

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