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Black Friday Deals All Month Long – Introducing 4 Shades of Savings

Shop the BEST Black Friday deals for tattoo artists all month long. See our top sale items for the month of November and mark your calendars.
by Danny Tress Last Updated: June 1, 2022

Ready your workstations. Make space in your top drawer. And brace yourself for early Black Friday savings on your favorite supplies.

All 4 Fridays this month, we’re offering exclusive 24-hour deals on artist-favorite, top-drawer items you don’t want to miss. We call it… the 4 Shades of Savings. Come on, who doesn’t like a gray wash pun? Yes, we’re proud of it. And, yes, you should be pumped.

We start off the season with Light Friday, then go all the way up to Black Friday, kicking off on November 22nd. But don’t wait until Black Friday for some of our steepest discounts of the year! Our sales get bolder throughout the month, with some deals even better than our Black Friday ones.

You ready? See what we’re offering every Friday this month below.

Light Friday – November 5th

Our Light Friday deals are a grab-bag of artist-favorite tools from top-rated brands. Here’s the line-up:

A Pound of Flesh

Discount: HALF OFF

Yes, we mean the entire brand. Which means the entire line of products. Yes, every synthetic tattooable limb and canvas we offer. This is a great opportunity for you to add zest to your 3D portfolio. Or maybe start one if you’re a practicing apprentice. APOF has everything from tattooable hands and feet to 16” x 24” frameable canvases. Gift yourself (or an artist friend) with 50% off tattooable practice skins this year. Oh, and did we mention there’s even a tattooable guinea pig?

Peak Quartz

Discount: 40% OFF

With a flow rate that can’t be beat, Quartz needles could be your new favorites. Since 2016, Quartz cartridges have been a go-to for artists around the world. Take advantage of controlled tattooing with Quartz’s one-of-a-kind stabilizer. With 40% off, this Light Friday deal is even better than Black Friday. Don’t miss your chance to stock up on these killer cartridges at such a great price.

InkJecta Flite X1 in Bottle

Discount: $1,199.99 $1,049.99

Known as the most intuitive tattoo machine around, Flite X1 may have already piqued your interest. It’s time to pull the trigger with $200 off. Not only is this discounted machine a sick bottle green color, but it also has motion-activated speed controls and adjustable needle depth with the press of a button. You can nail any style with efficiency and ease. Plus, no need for any adjustable click grips!

InkJecta Flite X1 Crossfire

Discount: $1,399.99 $1,199.99

If you’re feeling extra fancy, now’s your chance to grab the Flite X1 Crossfire before it goes. At $150 off the standard price, the Crossfire gives you upgraded packaging and an aluminum durable grip. Plus, you get all the same intuitive features of the original Flite X1.

Medium Friday – November 12th

If you’re a fan of FK Irons, you’ll want to mark your calendars for this one, kids. Here’s what’s on the menu for Medium Friday, November 12th:

FK Irons EXO Modular Tattoo Machine

Discount: $799.99 $699.99

If you’ve been wanting to go wireless, but still love a good RCA setup, here’s your machine. The EXO lets you switch effortlessly between wireless tattooing and a standard RCA connection. Shop for this powerhouse in your choice of 3 stroke lengths: 2.5mm, 3.2mm, and 4.0mm. (PowerBolt battery packs are purchased separately if you choose this model).

FK Irons EXO modular Tattoo Machine with 2 PowerBolts

Discount: $1,249.99 $1,099.99

Grab your EXO already equipped with 2 PowerBolt battery packs for the ultimate wireless setup. The PowerBolt gives you up to 10 hours of tattooing. Not too shabby, especially if you’re tackling a full back piece.

Spektra Xion

Discount: $100 OFF (prices vary by model and color)

Make your creative vision a reality with this sleek pen. The Xion is known as a true classic in the FK Irons machine line. It’s designed with fully adjustable features, from needle depth to give. Plus, you get 2 stroke wheels: 3.2mm and 3.7mm. Only question is: which color will you pick? They’re all killer.

LightningBolt Battery Pack + LightningBolt Uni Battery Pack

Single Pack Discount: $249.99 $224.99

Double Pack Discount: $399.99 $349.99

Give yourself a jolt of wireless power with the FK Irons LightningBolt battery packs. One quick charge gives these batteries up to 10 hours of tattooing power. When you get the double pack, you get double the juice – great for long conventions! Plus, the LightningBolt Uni is uniquely designed to snap onto ANY RCA tattoo machine. Attach it to your favorite today and get tattooing at a price we’ve never offered before.

Surprise Bonus Deal: Recovery Derm Shield

Discount: Buy 1, Get 1 Free

Now’s your chance to stock up on the most flexible, breathable aftercare bandage on the market. Clients will thank you. Your work will thank you, too. Derm Shield delivers vibrant, healthy results every time. With this BOGO deal, you’ll want to make room in your supply cabinets.

Dark Friday – November 19th

One shade darker means one step closer to Black Friday. On the 19th, we’re offering everything you need for crispy black lines and precise tattooing. Here’s what’s coming:

Peak Triton Cartridge Needles

Discount: 30% OFF

These cartridge needles are brand-spankin’ new and they’ve already made a huge splash at conventions this year. What’s so great about Triton? Oh, you know, just the fact that they have US-patented linear technology. Equipped with their patented plunger ball, these cartridges give you the most controlled tattooing experience possible. There’s no needle wobbling or unsteadiness. Pull lines with ease, and experience ultimate control even when using the largest magnums. Gift yourself and your machines with Triton today.

World Famous Blackout Ink

Discount: HALF OFF 4oz bottles

This is the blackest ink World Famous offers. It’s got a consistency that’s smooth as butter and a flow rate that’s 100% unmatched. Pack in rich, velvet black with ease at this steal of a price.

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Aftercare

Discount: 15% OFF the Full Line

Clients everywhere are talking up Mad Rabbit tattoo aftercare. You’ve probably seen it all over Instagram… now’s your chance to try it at 15% off. With tattoo lotion, SPF, and balm in 3 different scents, Mad Rabbit promises more vibrant tattoos every time.

Black Friday Flash Sale Event – November 26th

Our Black Friday flash sale event is all about the top-rated tattoo machines in the industry. Get your hands and needles on your favorite models at markdowns you’ve never seen before.

FK Irons Tattoo Machines

Discount: Up to $150 off select models

Take advantage of up to $150 off the latest models by FK Irons this holiday season. With Bluetooth-enabled features and fully adjustable machines, FK Irons has your back for all your tattooing needs.

Peak Tattoo Machines

Discount: 50% off

Count on Peak tattoo machines for consistency, durability, and a wide range of models from pen styles to sliders. This Black Friday, you’ll get half off ANY Peak tattoo machine, great for any style of tattooing.


Cheyenne Tattoo Machines

Discount: Up to $200 off select models

Cheyenne fans, get ready to add your favorite machines to your cart the second this sale drops! Get up to $200 off Cheyenne machines and tattoo with killer features like minimal vibration and intuitive responsive mode for perfect hits.

Aftercare Bonus Deal

Get a FREE box of 4″ x 4″ Recovery Derm Shield with any tattoo machine purchase.


That’s right — when you check out for any tattoo machine this Black Friday, we’ll gift you the best, most flexible aftercare bandage on the market. Treat yourself or an artist friend to a machine today to claim your free Recovery aftercare.

So, Mark Your Calendars

Or set a timer. And make a wish list, too.

Our savings this November are insane, but they only last 24 hours each. Hop on each shade of savings the minute they drop and make sure you’ve got your eyes on the prize.

Sign up for SMS today for early access to exclusive deals, and subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t forget. Plus, we’ll notify you the very second our sales go live! Happy Black November, and we hope you enjoy each shade of savings each week.

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