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Gifts for Artists and Enthusiasts: Our 2022 Top Picks

Finding the best gifts for artists, enthusiasts, or even yourself can be challenging. Count on this gift guide to help you shop.
by Danny Tress Last Updated: November 25, 2022

Another Holiday Gift Guide is officially here to make artists’ (and enthusiasts’) wildest dreams come true. Corniness aside, there were certainly a ton of hot-selling machines and innovations this year.  The best gifts for artists, enthusiasts, or even yourself are all just a few clicks away: and top-selling machines, tech, and accessories of 2022 could add real sparkle to the season.  

Of course, shopping for artists is no easy feat. But also… there isn’t anything wrong with gifting yourself, too. If you’re stressed or indecisive about finding the ideal gift for yourself, an artist, or an enthusiast in your life, this guide is for you. Check out all our top picks for 2022.   


Tattooable Cutie Doll and other top-selling tattoo machines

FK Irons Flux Max 


This one’s for all the traditional, neotraditional, and classic anime tattooers in your life. Basically, if you’re close with any tattooer who specializes in bold, powerful line work, this could be the ideal gift for them. The Flux Max by FK Irons comes in a variety of stroke lengths including the largest FK Irons has ever offered: 4.5mm – excellent for (you guessed it) power-lining.  

While a lot of traditional tattooers are loyal to the coil, wireless rotaries have taken the spotlight over the past couple years. So, not only does this machine offer a massive stroke length… it also delivers long lasting wireless power. Count on up to 10 hours of quality performance from this wireless powerhouse.  

All that being said, the FK Irons Flux Max is definitely a big investment. But the price point is worth the durability… this wireless machine is made for an artist’s top drawer. If you don’t love a fellow artist enough to gift them with this wireless beauty, there ’aint no shame in gifting yourself. ‘Tis the season after all. 

Peak Forge Battery Packs 

Forge: $149.99
Forge-C: $174.99 

You can still gift an artist with wireless power… without splurging on a whole new machine. Artist-favorite innovator Peak introduced two new battery packs this year — and already, tattoo artists around the globe are loving them. Both battery packs have RCA and 3.5mm connectors, so you can turn all your favorite rotary machines into a wireless wonder. The key difference? The Forge (at a slightly lower price point) comes with reloadable batteries while the Forge-C has a built-in rechargeable battery. Check out more details below:

Overall, the Forge and/or the Forge-C are a great gift for an artist who isn’t ready to fully cut the cord but wants to check out what wireless tattooing is all about. 

World Famous Andrey Kolbasin Green Leaf Ink Set


This comprehensive set is perfect for any World Famous lover and color tattooer in your life (including yourself). Oh, it’s also great for fans of tattooer Andrey Kolbasin as well. It may be called “The Green Leaf Set,” but these colors can be used for more than just nature tattoos. It comes with plenty of cool and warm tones for eye-catching contrast and color saturation. 

Industry Inks Opaque Grey Color Set 


If the artist you’re gifting is a black and gray tattooer, this Opaque Grey Color Set is also a killer specialty gift. This set of 6 bottles by Industry Inks includes everything you need for making smooth gradations and bringing black and gray work to life. Known for its perfect saturation, Industry Inks is still new to our Web store, so if you haven’t tried it yet… well, it could be your new favorite tattoo ink. 

A Pound of Flesh Cutie Doll + Lucky Ducky 

Cutie Doll: $83.99
Small Lucky Ducky: $39.99
Large Lucky Ducky: $59.99 

There’s no better way to make someone gasp with joy than by gifting them an iconic APOF tattooable mold. Two of our top APOF sellers, the Cutie Doll and the Lucky Ducky, make an outstanding fixture in any 3D portfolio. Additionally, the Cutie Doll gives you a variety of Fitzpatrick skin tones to choose from while the Lucky Ducky has a classic ducky-yellow surface. Plus, the Lucky Ducky comes in two size options depending on your gifting budget. 



A Pound of Flesh tattooable arm + grapefruit along with sample inks and machines for apprentices

Dragonhawk Tattoo Machines 


Gift an apprentice friend a handy pen-style or wireless machine by Dragonhawk. Artists everywhere count on Dragonhawk for solid, easy-to-maneuver all-rounders, making them a dream for tackling any style. And with such a broad price range, you can easily find a Dragonhawk machine that meets your gifting budget. 


A Pound of Flesh Grapefruit 


Tell a tattoo artist friend they no longer have to practice on real citrus. Gift them the citrus fruit that never rots. The Tattooable Grapefruit by A Pound of Flesh is the ideal practice canvas, recommended to apprentices (and any tattooer trying new styles) by professionals like Casey Hart:



Recovery Derm Shield and Old Glory inspirational book for tattoo enthusiasts

Recovery Derm Shield 

$8.99–$44.99 (depending on quantity) 

It’s an artist- and client-favorite… so, honestly, this much-loved aftercare bandage is the perfect gift for enthusiasts and artists alike. When you gift someone Recovery Derm Shield, you’re gifting them what really matters: a comfortable aftercare process and the best healed tattoo results. 

Green Soap Candle 


Some tattoo lovers wish they could just live in a tattoo shop. And some practically do. Know anyone who fits the bill? If so, bring the tattoo shop to them with this Green Soap Candle. We’re willing to bet it’s an avid tattoo collector’s favorite scent. 



Piercing Inspirational Books for piercers

Tilum Body Jewelry 

Prices vary widely by material + style 

Stuff a stocking with (hypoallergenic) things that sparkle. We recently introduced Tilum body jewelry to our Web store, and already it’s a favorite for piercers and their clients. Each Tilum piece is made of top-quality titanium or 14kt gold, so you can count on a gift that’s skin-safe and durable. Plus, this jewelry comes in a huge variety of threadless and internally threaded styles – so no matter what piercings your friend has (or is performing), there’s something for everyone.  


8-Piece Body Piercing Tool Kit 


Say “hello” to the ideal gift for your most practical piercing friend. Featuring pliers for ring opening, closing, bending, and more, this comprehensive kit lets a piercer access all their handy tools in one place. It’s also great for on-the-go piercers since it comes in a stylish carrying case. 

Recovery Piercing Aftercare 

Prices vary 

Piercers and their clients go nuts for Recovery aftercare. Give the gift of a healing spritz, spray, lotion, or balm. Recovery offers everything you need to make your own saline mixes, soothe new or existing piercings, and lubricate your stretched piercings or organic jewelry. Grabbing a few top-sellers like Smelly Gelly, Saline Wash, and Jojoba Oil makes for an excellent stocking stuffer. 


Brow Daddy Gold Collection pigments alongside top PMU machines 

Microbeau Bellar Air 


Give the gift of a luxury PMU machine with fully adjustable parameters. This machine is perfect for discerning PMU artists with lots of experience in multiple styles and techniques. When used with skilled hands, this Bluetooth-enabled machine delivers perfect pigment saturation and color retention for excellent results every time. It’s one “sleigh” of a holiday gift, but it’s pricy for a reason… make sure you gift this to a professional PMU artist you trust and adore. And maybe that’s yourself ? 


Brow Daddy Gold Collection 


With such incredible gold labels and caps, these pigments essentially come pre-giftwrapped. Show any PMU artist in your life how much you love them with all the pigments they need for any client, from blondest to brunette-est. PMU artists everywhere love the Brow Daddy Collection for its incredible pigment retention, variety, and healed results. 



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But these are just our top picks. You’ll find plenty more gifting ideas for tattooers, piercers, PMU artists, and enthusiasts in our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. Youcan also check out our Instagram and YouTube accounts for more product breakdowns, reviews, and insights before you commit to a gift.

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