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Unwrap the Magic – This Year’s Top Picks from Our Holiday Gift Guide

This year's Holiday Gift Guide is chock-full of high-quality gift ideas for artists of all styles. Check out our top recommendations.
by Danny Tress Last Updated: December 1, 2023

The holiday season is rolling in, and we’ve got the ultimate sleigh of goodies just for you (or an artist friend). Now’s the time to snag all the best gifting options before your ordering window closes for the season. Need help deciding what to buy? For your convenience, we’ve rounded up the bestselling picks from this year’s Holiday Gift Guide. Check ’em out.


Two tattoo machines by FK Irons

Peak Solice Pro – The Stroke of Genius

Ever feel like an octopus juggling machines? Stop the swap and grab the Peak Solice Pro, hero of style-versatility. It’s got seven stroke lengths packed into one sleek machine, and you can easily switch them up on the fly. Consequently, you’ve got a packer, liner, and shader all in one. Even if you don’t mind switching machines, the Peak Solice Pro still opens a world of possibilities, since you’re not confined to one fixed stroke length. Plus, you don’t have to worry about switching cam wheels if you want a different stroke length than the one your machine offers. All in all, the Peak Solice Pro is the gift of wireless versatility — affordable and high-quality to boot.


FK Irons ONE – No-Nonsense Ninja

Here’s a gift for no-nonsense artists who love simplicity. Maybe that’s you.

Simplicity meets excellence with the FK Irons One. This no-frills, all-rounder machine can tackle any style with ease. No complicated bells and whistles, just pure tattooing prowess. Plus, it’s ultra quiet and an overall smooth performer, a ninja-like powerhouse for your next piece. Lightweight and easy to handle, it’s got all the design quality you’ve come to expect from FK Irons without any fancy tech. It also comes with a drop-in rechargeable battery, so you can enjoy wireless freedom into 2024.


AXYS Valhalla – Stroke of Versatility

Calling all chameleon tattooers, apprentices, and anyone who loves a good adjustable pen. The Axys Valhalla is your golden ticket to explore different stroke lengths and styles. With five adjustable options and a slender, ergonomic design, it’s the dream machine for tackling any kind of tattoo. Just like the Solice Pro, it negates the need for machine-swapping or making any adjustments mid-tattoo. While it doesn’t offer as many stroke lengths as the Solice Pro, it still gives apprentice artists (or style-switchers) plenty of options to work with.


Microbeau Bellar Air – PMU Dream Machine

PMU artists, rejoice! The Microbeau Bellar Air is your high-tech companion. Here are a few of the reasons this machine makes your PMU experience more intuitive: Bluetooth capabilities, OLED display, and compatibility with FK Irons Killswitch for an intuitive tap-on/tap-off experience. All these features make it easy to stay on top of your running voltage, and help you perform without halting your flow. It’s an amazing gift if you’re a tech lover who wants a machine that has all the bells and whistles. Oh, it’s also ultra-lightweight and a dream to hold and maneuver.



Full set of World Famous tattoo inks

World Famous Must-Have Sets – A Pleasure for Your Palette

Gift yourself or your ink-loving pals the World Famous 50, 25 & 12 Color Must-Have Sets. These top sellers are a color artist’s dream, expanding your palette and unlocking new artistic dimensions. Starting out or a seasoned pro? There’s a set for everyone: The 12-Color Set is ideal for beginning artists because it provides an ample starting point for building a palette. The 50- and 25-Color Sets, on the other hand, is perfect for artists who already know and love World Famous Ink and want to expand their palette astronomically with artist-favorite colors you can use for any style.


Eternal Vintage Ink Set – Timeless Hues

For the Eternal Ink aficionados, the Vintage Ink Set could be the ideal gift. Dive into a world of primary, secondary, and tertiary hues, with Eternal’s fan-favorite “Keep it Wet” for those who love to tweak ink consistency. Make your artwork timeless with this vintage-inspired collection.

Pucker Up Buttercup – PMU Lip Mastery

Calling all PMU artists aiming for flawless lips – the Pucker Up Buttercup Set by Perma Blend is your secret weapon. Elevate your lip game in 2024 or expand your palette with eight must-have PMU lip pigments that suit a wide variety of lip colors and skin tones. The set also comes with Orange Peel, letting you warm up any color and modify for any kind of client. Give the gift of impeccable lips this holiday season.



Tattoo artist chair

Fellowship XXL Arm Rest – Tattooing Comfort Redefined

For the traveling artist or studio connoisseur, the Fellowship XXL Arm Rest is more than a convention must-have. Offering maximum wiggle room for arm tattoos, it’s your ticket to optimal focus, visibility, and comfort—perfect for sleeves, forearm ink, elbow designs, and beyond.


Ottlite – Spotlight on Your Craft

Whether you’re a PMU maestro or a tattoo virtuoso, the Ottlite is your secret weapon for enhanced visibility and focus. Shed a spotlight on your masterpiece and nail the perfect lighting for your Insta portfolio. It’s not just light—it’s illumination tailored to your art since you can easily adjust the brightness with touch-activated controls. The Ottlite also lets you adjust the height up to 71” and has enough light to last you up to 40,000 hours. So, let there be light this season!



Skull-shaped ink cap in blue

Skull Caps – Personalize Your Setup

Inject some color and personality into your setup with Skull Caps. With 10 vibrant options and an eco-friendly wheat straw alternative, these caps are more than just a stocking stuffer. Give the gift of a more fun, Earth-friendly, and overall zestier tattoo setup for the new year.

Handheld Ink Mixer – Mix It Up

Especially great for apprentices, this battery-powered ink mixer is a game-changer for achieving your perfect consistency and color. Plus, this baby fits perfectly in a stocking.


A Pound of Flesh Practice Skins

Ok, some of these are kind of hefty for a stocking… but nonetheless, plenty of them fit snugly in a big sock. Gift yourself, an apprentice, or a seasoned artist the most lifelike practice skins on the market. A Pound of Flesh released a ton of eye-catching molds this year that make for a unique, standout gift… one that you can actually tattoo. Check out the full variety, from flats to 3D showpieces.


Tattooable Cutie Dolls by A Pound of Flesh

So, there you have it: the must-haves from this year’s Holiday Gift Guide. But if we’re being real? They’re all must-haves. Now it’s time to unwrap the magic of this holiday season and let your creativity run wild. Because every stroke, every color, and every detail matters.

But the most important thing? Making sure you get all the gifts you need while there’s still time. Your last day to place orders to receive guaranteed delivery for the holidays is 12/15. So fulfill your wishlist today, and check out the entire gift guide for additional ideas.

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