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Ink Out Cleaner vs. Leading Brand – Painful

INK-OUT Tattoo Tube Cleaner – Step 2 Clean Station Pro System.
The Second Step in the Clean Station Pro System – Cleaning the Tubes.

*Green Color Indicates environmentally safe for easy disposal. “Green Means Go” items haev been disinfected for safer handling.

* Liquid Formulation is easier to use than powder – no mixing or dissolving.

* Economical Concentrated fomula – 1 to 30 dilution.

“Ink-Out” Tattoo Ink Cleaner Makes 16 Gallons of Solution


* Tubes and instruments should be first disinfected in Ultradose Germicidal Hospital Grade disinfectant to allow the safe handling of tattoo tubes in the cleaning process.

Buy Ultradose Germicidal Here.

* This product is a concentrate. Dilute 1 part to 30 parts water.

* Use Directly in ultrasonic machine.

* To clean; place parts in the accessory basket. Insert basket in ultrasonic tank filled to 2/3 full of properly diluted solution

* Run ultrasonic machine until tubes are free of ink.

* After ultrasonic cleaning, plunge tubes with wire brush using cleaning solution and rinse thoroughly under running water.

*Sterilize tubes in autoclave prior to use.

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